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Cyber Threats on Social Media

Social Media Monitoring to Protect Company Location, People and Brand

Cyber attacks hit businesses every day. Cybercrime has increased every year as hackers attempt to benefit from vulnerable business systems. Every second, individuals or organizations try to breach a multitude of global enterprises. While companies invest sizable resources to cope with the dilemma, the identification process of hackers and infiltrators is lengthy, but the cost of data breaches is far more severe and damaging.

Using location-based monitoring, business locations are overseen for geo-enabled social media content using the company’s name and terminology, an attempt to protect the company’s offices, headquarters and any location, its team, and ultimately its brand.

Using real-time rules and alerts, the threat analyst was quickly made aware of confidential content that was publicly posted on social media. Using search and filtering, the analyst could determine if there was additional information of the company exposed and at risk.

The company was able to identify the source of the information and ensure its removal. While the information was posted on social media, its quick identification and proceeding actions allowed the company to mitigate the impact of the release of data and the compliance risks at hand. Over and above this, the company changed and improved its social media posting policies for increased prevention of concerns.

Cobwebs’ solutions help entities identify cyber threats before they occur, simplifying the process and ability to observe attackers, their plans, methodologies, while generating intelligent insights in real time. Our systems continuously track & discover communication points across evolving dark nets of malicious activity, tracing them back to their original sources.

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