Criminal Investigation

Complex Investigative Efforts

Criminal intelligence is a vital component of any law enforcement agency, which entails complicated investigative efforts and investigation tools for cyber forensics. Since more and more threat actors and persons of interest are using the surface, deep and dark, as well as social media and online platforms to leverage their criminal activities, extracting crucial insights from web data has become crucial for solving and preventing crimes. However, this data extraction process is tedious and time-consuming, but critical to reveal and discover links between threat actors, identity locations and generate full reports on the criminal investigation.

Instant Access to Online Big Data

Criminal investigations depend more and more on big data analysis using an AI-powered WEBINT platform to handle a wide range of sources, including publicly-accessible data on the open, deep and dark web. Only this way can any word or phrase, which might provide a crucial lead, become part of intelligent insights.

Our WEBINT platform, which extracts deep web data, connects the platform users to thousands of sources unveiling oceans of data in a simplified user interface. It will enable law enforcement to stay ahead of threat actors by supporting end-to-end, full web spectrum investigations.

Automated Data Analysis

Criminal investigations center around finding and proving connections between suspects, events, and criminal acts. Increasingly, this relies on retrieving and understanding data, ranging from unstructured data to public records and structured information.

Law enforcement officers, detectives, and investigators need to transform raw data into useful and shareable intelligence. With automated web data extraction platform combined with enhanced analytics, investigators quickly see patterns of relationships as they develop.

Visualization of Criminal Networks

To get inside a criminal network, data is automatically collected, analyzed, and visualized. Based on the objectives (set by law enforcement), connections and their links strengths are visualized. Advanced algorithms calculate a range of measures in order to analyze the graph for meaningful insights. The degree visualization feature indicates the number of ‘one hop’ (one degree) connections between network nodes.

More critical details can be easily identified, expanding some nodes based on centrality measurement, calculated by analyzing mutual nodes, engagement or other contributing factors.

Web Intelligence Platform
for Criminal Investigations

Cobwebs’ WEBINT platform allows law enforcement to get a fast and visual representation of complex scenarios, making it easier to answer the who, what, where, and when information that is buried and hidden in data. The proprietary technology connects the dots and gives insight into data that is crucial for law enforcement during their investigations.

Key Features

Our AI-powered WEBINT platform, using smart ML and NLP-algorithms, provides the
enforcement to enhance their criminal investigations. Law enforcement agencies around the world are using the platform
to quickly extract crucial insights from massive amounts of web data to enhance their investigations.

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