Natural Disasters

Web Intelligence Platform for Quick and Effective Disaster Management

When a natural disaster occurs, government agencies require real-time information to evaluate the situation and deploy first responders in a timely and efficient manner. Massive amounts of useful web data are readily available and various digital communication channels, providing reports from those on the scene as well as critical video footage. Using this information enables government agencies to quickly get information as to the location of the event, how many are affected, and what resources are needed to handle it as effectively as possible.

Collecting & Analyzing Data Requires Automation

Government agencies rely on reliable up-to-date information during a natural disaster, however, there are two challenges in obtaining this data in real-time:

  • Natural disasters often disrupt communication lines, which can adversely affect emergency response efforts between government agencies and first responders.
  • Various web sources have the data governments need, as people on the scene share content and updates on numerous platforms. However, collecting and analyzing this vast amount of data can’t be done efficiently or quickly enough by humans.
AI-Powered Live Intelligence

Cobwebs Technologies’ WEBINT platform is powered by automated artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms that collect and analyze data online associated with a specific natural disaster. The platform utilizes disaster-relevant criteria, locations, and keywords to generate alerts enabling agencies to know who is asking for assistance, where they’re located, the urgency of the situation, and how many victims are in the disaster area.

The platform enables agencies and first responders to use their resources as effectively as possible, and save lives with timely data-driven decisions.

One Centralized Platform

The amount of data that needs to be collected and analyzed is vast, and it is distributed across thousands of different sources and channels. A centralized platform reduces the chances of human error and wasted operational resources, and provides critical information in real-time that can save lives. Cobwebs Technologies’ centralized platform provides analysts and investigators with a multitude of features and capabilities that enable them to do just that.

Key Features

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