Threat Monitoring

Monitoring threats to prevent criminal acts has become a priority for law enforcement. Terrorists and criminal organizations, lone wolves, hackers, and other threat actors are online to plan and carry out their acts. Law enforcement agencies must adapt their criminal investigation tactics to prevent those threats from being carried out. This requires gaining real-time intelligence to estimate the threat level and to identify the actors and networks planning and executing threats such as terrorist attacks, bank robberies, acts of sabotage, cyberattacks, kidnapping, or murder plots, theft rings, fraud schemes, etc.

Gaining Real-Time Intelligence

Gaining real-time intelligence is essential for law enforcement agencies. Since the activities of threat actors are moving more and more online, monitoring threats involves processing huge volumes of open-source data.

Only a data-driven threat monitoring platform can provide the critical insights that authorities need in order to prevent threats to the community.

Recognizing Threat Patterns

To prevent crime and acts of violence, law enforcement needs to process big data volumes. Apart from being tedious, this process is also time-consuming, which is a major issue in crime prevention. To be able to act in a timely fashion, artificial intelligence should be used to recognize patterns of threats and discover hidden associations of suspicious threats.

Threat monitoring platform provides alerts of suspicious incidents, threats, or disruptions as they happen. The automated technology of Cobwebs can also perform ongoing batch processing of mass amounts of data for law enforcement agencies and authorities.

Data-Driven Threats Monitoring

Criminal investigations depend more and more on big data analysis to reveal threat actors, affiliations, and digital footprints. An AI-powered WEBINT platform utilizing ML and NLP capabilities is needed to process a wide range of data sources from the surface, deep and dark web, to identify patterns that indicate an upcoming threat.

Only such a platform can analyze any word or phrase that could provide an indication that could be crucial for law enforcement. Our WEBINT platform, which extracts deep web data, connects the platform users to relevant web data in a simplified user interface.

Our IA-powered WEBINT platform, using smart ML and NLP-algorithms, provides law enforcement with a powerful tool in their crime prevention efforts. Law enforcement agencies around the world are using the platform to quickly extract crucial insights from massive amounts of web data to enhance their crime prevention.

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