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Protect your assets with preventive intelligence


Global corporations must contend with unanticipated disruptions to their business continuity which emanate from a multitude of unforeseen and undetected threats. Critical infrastructure, supply chains, traveling employees, high-profile business events, intellectual property, and more can be targeted by threat actors acting on a variety of motivations, or can fall victim to natural disasters, local disruptions and other emergencies.


Cobwebs AI-Powered cyber intelligence platform enables you to detect, analyze, and monitor threats and risks to your assets and operations simultaneously from all levels of the web, and take preemptive measures accordingly. Security Operations Centers, close protection teams, and local security details can now gain full awareness of threats specifically targeting crucial locations, business-relevant topics, and assets and personnel.


Location Specific Threat Monitoring

Gather threat data 24/7 from the surface, deep, and dark web on threats, risks, and other incidents occurring within the precise vicinity of your important physical assets.

Preemptive Threat Detection

Identify and analyze specific threats, uncover their related networks, locations, and gauge their veracity to take action

Travel Security Support

Monitor the routes of executive delegations and coordinate with on-ground close protection teams

Reputation Analysis

Analyze sentiments regarding your company, operations, and key executives according to topic, location, and demographic and take preventative measures accordingly

Situational Awareness for Crisis Management

Collect data in real time on disruptions from national emergencies, natural disasters, pandemics, and other disruptions in areas of your business

Conduct deep background checks

Defend against internal threats with anonymous, holistic checks on sensitive employee roles and local partners

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