Data Breach Detection

Stay Ahead and Protect Your Digital Assets


Every day, hackers and other threat actors of varied sophistication attempt to steal and leak sensitive data, motivated by any number of factors. Dataleaks can cause both tremendous reputational damage, loss of client confidence, and significant financial losses. Corporations must act immediately to identify, verify, and contain the damage from such breaches, and even understand beforehand if they are under heightened risk for being targeted.


Cobwebs’ AI-powered intelligence platform allows you to safely monitor darknets, social media channels, hidden forums, and market places where compromised data is leaked and sold.


Monitor for Compromised Assets

Detect mentions of your data, products, and assets being sold on criminal marketplaces

Detect Your Vulnerabilities

Identify tools being shared and discussed on criminal channels and forums which could be used against your organization

Insider Threat Discovery

Understand if insiders in your organization are leaking valuable data or selling exclusive access

Receive Targeted Alerts

Receive pinpoint alerts to emerging breaches and new data leaks before they spread.

Respond Rapidly

Track compromised data across numerous hidden communications channels and actors and monitor for reputational damage

Leak Attribution

Build profiles on key actors moving to distribute and sell compromised data

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