Threat Intelligence

Drive Intelligence-Led Security


Threat actors are operating across an ever-expanding network of darknets and other online forums and channels, always one step ahead of traditional law enforcement. While companies invest in plenty of resources to handle the issue, the identification process of breach culprits, threat actors, and potential their damage is both lengthy and incurs enormous and overwhelming expenses and consequences.


Cobwebs’ AI-Powered Web Intelligence platform enables the identification of cyber threats prior to occurring, observing attackers, their plans and methodologies to generate real-time insights. Cyber security teams can rapidly create profiles of malicious actors, and map their hidden activity networks and behavior patterns across numerous sources.


Scan the Dark Web

Continuous monitoring and indexing of the dark web provide seamless connectivity to thousands of dark web sources.

AI Crime Prediction Software

Safeguard Key Virtual Assets

Overlaid intelligence cycles produce real-time insights to protect employees, executives, and information – whether at work, home, or anywhere along the way.

AI Crime Prediction Software

Protect Your Reputation