The New Standard in Risk Detection

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Automated Web Intelligence that Powers: Know Your Customer, Enhanced Due Diligence, Fraud Investigations, Cyber Threat Monitoring,Wealth Assessments, Reputation Monitoring, Asset Tracing for compliant business

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Instantly Detect
Risky Networks

Money Launderers, criminals, and fraudsters know how to evade traditional screening measures. Cobwebs Technologies stops criminals at the gates with our Law-Enforcement-Grade Web Intelligence Technology, while creating a faster, more efficient business experience for the rest of your client base.

Detecting Business Risks in Real-Time

Financial professionals can now effortlessly weave the web of their clients’ risk, wealth, and reputational background, going beyond traditional ‘static’ risk databases and costly outsourced compliance services to provide the highest level of anti-money laundering compliance and Fraud as it pertains to accepting new clients, employees, and partners.

Anti-Money Laundering

Apply automated due diligence to every aspect of your business

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Fraud Investigations

Accept new clients with awareness and peace of mind