Anti-Money Laundering

Apply deep risk investigations to all aspects of your business


Financial Institutions are on the front lines in the fight against money laundering and terror financing. And the cost of failure is tremendous. Massive financial penalties, personal liability of senior managers, and unshakable reputational damage to the institution [and even national security risks] and the host country all demonstrate the consequences of non-compliance.


Cobwebs Technologies puts AI-powered, law enforcement-grade web investigation tools in the hands of financial professionals. Financial professionals can now access relevant risk data from all levels of the web simultaneously, automatically uncover and map hidden networks, and generate risk insights collected from all aspects of a Client’s profile and connections. With our system, exhausting, manual online investigations that once took days and weeks can now be completed in a few clicks.

AI Crime Prediction Software


Conduct Deep Due Diligence – In A Few Clicks

Automatically generate decision-quality insights based on precise data, compiled from watchlists, encrypted databases, local multilanguage media sources, and sentiments from social networks.

Ensure Safe Partnerships

Global business brings local risks. No matter where you operate, our system allows you to map out your local partner’s ecosystem, identifying any harmful activities, local reputational issues, or ties with risky persons.

AI Crime Prediction Software

Screen Candidates

Safely identify and assess conflicts of interest when placing new employees into your most sensitive roles. Cross-reference their profiles with high-risk persons and controversies and proactively detect potentially harmful behavior.

Proactively Manage Crises

Proactively monitor your portfolio to detect their exposure to everything from ominous online chatter to implications in damaging reputational issues that can increase their risk- and yours.

Find Your Dormant Clients

Utilize machine-learning driving image analysis, character recognition, geolocation, and other digital clues to trace the beneficiaries of dormant accounts.

Cobwebs' AI Crime Prediction Software

Bridge the World of Cryptocurrency

Make informed decisions on transactions sourced from ICO profits and other cryptocurrency activities.

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