FinCrime Threat Intelligence

Detect vulnerabilities, reduce your risk


The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, plaguing financial institutions and their customers alike. Threats, hacking schemes, stolen identities, and data leaks are discussed, bought, and sold on darknets and social forums. Financial institutions are obligated to monitor and detect threats facing their infrastructure, services, and customers, or face significant financial and reputational damage.


Cobwebs’ web investigation platform shines a light on the darknet, enabling cybersecurity teams to track threats and threat actors across multiple platforms, marketplaces, and other channels trafficking dangerous information on their institutions.


AI Crime Prediction Software

Monitor Darknet Threats

Track chatter and leaked data on your institutions, customers, and assets across numerous hidden forums, marketplaces, and other channels

AI Crime Prediction Software

Map Threat Networks

Use artificial intelligence to connect the dots between threat actors targeting your organization, generate investigative leads and receive alerts on new threats

AI Crime Prediction Software

Scan Safely and Anonymously

Covertly and anonymously track threat actors with minimal risk