Fraud Investigations

Accept new customers with total peace of mind


Criminal networks and cyber threat actors alike are exploiting the web’s vast amount of information, social media platforms, and darknet channels to create synthetic identities, share weaknesses of onboarding processes, and exploit customer vulnerabilities. Applying the proper checks and monitoring for vulnerabilities is a costly and often times inefficient undertaking.


Cobwebs’ automated web investigation platform provides a holistic solution for cybersecurity and front desk teams tasked by their institutions to detect and stop fraud threats from the virtual and physical dimensions. Using artificial intelligence, financial professionals can automatically analyze online profiles of loan, credit card, payment service applicants for behavioral anomalies, while referencing intelligence on fraud vulnerabilities gathered 24/7 from darknets, social media forums, and other channels.


AI Crime Prediction Software

Verify Customer Identities

Check customer application data against numerous data sources to determine correct corresponding traits and behavioral anomalies that could indicate synthetic or fake identities

Map Fraud Networks

Collect information and draw connections with other offenders using artificial intelligence

Monitor The Darknet

Conduct targeted monitoring for compromised customer identity details, vulnerable bank services, data leaks, or other fraud threats