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Analysis of criminal intelligence is a vital component of any law enforcement agency, demanding complex investigative efforts & tools for their cyber forensics. Extracting crucial insights from web data can be the turnkey to solving investigations, but the extraction process can demand tedious efforts. It is critical to reveal and discover links between threat actors, identity locations and generate full reports on the criminal investigation. 


Cobwebs grants law enforcement agencies the power of AI crime prediction to effectively manage uncertainty and new challenges. Extracting targeted data and providing timely warnings of threats, our cyber crime AI solution supports operational activities and complex investigations. With our crime prediction software, intelligent collection and assessment of data, you can identify connections of distinct crimes that occur in different locations, exploit AI to predict crime, and prevent the next crime from taking place.


Secure Online Investigations

The system provides anonymous, safe browsing for the internet and social applications in order to collect critical insights and act in real-time.

Gather Compliant Evidence

Solid evidence from the web requires compliance with 28 CFR Part 23 regulations. Support your investigations with authenticity and preservation of digital evidence to ensure you comply with the chain of custody evidentiary policy.

Person Discovery

Triggering real-time alerts, our platform powers the discovery of malicious activities, individual actors, and their social relations.

Create Web Profiles

Automatically generate an accurate web profile based on web presence from the open, deep and dark web.

Extract Locations

Reveal all the relevant locations the target is associated with according to posts, check-ins, places mentioned, friends addresses and more.

Reveal Connections and Interests

Use our platform’s centrality measures and evaluate the strength of connections, along with influencing nodes to identify social communities and gain critical operational insights.

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