Border Protection

Empowering Border Security With Immediate Full Coverage Intelligence


Border control bodies face vital challenges identifying potential suspects entering countries daily.

These entities process and cope with mass amounts of persons data for their investigative interviews to be productive and yield relevant insights under time constraints. Concurrently, conventional inquiry methods may not comply with the vast number of visitors, particularly with international illegal activities and terrorism flourishing everywhere.


Cobwebs’ solutions alert users of incidents, threats, or disruptions that stray from the norm in real time. With our pattern recognition algorithms and analysis of individual or groups’ online activities, identify new threats and uncover their hidden connections. Our border control solution unveils affiliations of blacklisted organizations or political groups, alerting you of suspicious individuals and their activities as they happen.


Time Saving Algorithms

Our solutions will automate manual processes which may take hours, days and even weeks, permitting quick and actionable insights in real time

Ongoing Real Time Data

Investigate all individuals in real time and get alerted about potential threats as they arise

Pattern Recognition