Intelligence Investigations

Enhance your Investigation With an automated AI-powered Platform


Vast amounts of web data add an extra layer of complexity to the tracking process of global threats which national security has to cover.

The demand for advanced tools providing national intelligence agencies with intelligent insights from vast amounts of web data is critical and growing.

Our solution addresses the challenges and offers a toolbox specifically made for national security interest topics.


Cobwebs’ extensive experience and collaboration with security agencies generate vital intelligence, helping enforce national security while maintaining visibility of external threats. Designed to discover and alert users of lone wolves or group threats, our tools conduct deep group analysis to understand threat hierarchies, structures, and motives. With AI at its core, Cobwebs’ platform recognizes patterns in web data and social groups, identifying potential threats in real time.

AI Crime Prediction Software


AI Crime Prediction Software

Detect Illegal Activities

Discover illegal activity from all layers of the web with a click of a button and analyze visual link connections of globally operated criminal groups

Reveal Global Threats

Monitor key figures, groups and channels internationally to protect & defend against cyber & physical threats