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Amplify your Public Safety with Unique Source Coverage.


The spread of epidemics such as the Coronavirus has left a massive and global digital footprint on the web on a variety of networks. Monitoring this information is crucial to keeping the public safe and empowers policymakers to make data-driven decisions in dynamic scenarios.


Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in Web Intelligence, proposing a technology-driven offering to assist emergency management and health care leaders in identifying unknown potential COVID exposure areas in their community as part of an epidemiological investigation transforming digital footprint to mobility patterns.

AI Crime Prediction Software


Expedite Epidemiological Investigations

Get complete reports in a matter of minutes on a population or area of interest to release and manage low risk areas

Increase Situational Awareness

Analyze communications and live maps to increase situational awareness and drive action for the health and emergency teams.

Location-Based Epidemiological Investigation

Reveal and track all the relevant locations and data parameters associated with specific populations from any device and wide range of sources.

Future Potential Outbreak Areas

Identify if the imported infectious disease could trigger an outbreak within your locations of interest.

Identify Future Infection Risk Areas

Know the probability that the virus will migrate from one location to another.

Cobwebs' AI Crime Prediction Software

Real-Time Customized Alerts

Get alerts when new and ongoing infectious disease outbreaks will affect your location of interest.

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Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

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