Mobile Apps and Cyber Crime

The Evolution of Crime in the Smartphone Era

In the past decade, society’s communication methods have shifted and transformed. With that, criminals are finding new and different ways to organize crime under the radar. More and more mobile applications offer communication solutions and are launching by the second, each one claiming to offer greater encryption than the other. This poses a dilemma and challenge for analysts trying to find, track and continue tracing the origins of organized crime.

For a long time, the dark web was considered the main hub for criminal activity online. Since smartphones have developed and become an inseparable part of our daily lives, criminal activity has transported itself into communication and activity of mobile apps users, accommodating today’s criminals’ lifestyles.

As criminal activity increasingly extends to mobile devices and apps, these technologies and applications serve as a platform for drug exchange, terrorist activity, fake news in the form of propaganda, and human trafficking, to name a few. A majority of the activity transpires in-app groups and channels similar to those of Facebook, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Snap Chat and other communication applications.

Today, criminals needn’t be tech savvy to exploit mobile technology. This, in turn, leaves more room for errors and vulnerabilities, allowing analysts to collect data about criminal activity in these communication apps.

Cobwebs’ solutions provide insights from countless data sources, within which communication apps play a crucial role.

Cobwebs offers innovative solutions to cope with highly encrypted communication channels that are increasingly used by criminals. Now, go beyond discovering data from mobile communication apps, as our advanced artificial intelligence layer helps you break down and makes sense of data. Our solutions evolve with the progression of mobile apps’ development, as we aim to consistently be one step ahead of criminals and their possible communication methods.

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