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Government and National Security

National Security

National security faces crucial security issues from a broad range of global threats: cyber terrorism funding, proliferation, arms smuggling and human trafficking on the dark web, to name a few. These threats use domestic and international communication methods that are challenging to identify and require advanced technology to tackle the great challenges.


Critical Infrastructure

Open-source intelligence is tailored to critical infrastructure operations to identify eminent threats that are directly targeting operations for follow-up.


Digital Intelligence

Use AI-powered web intelligence to stay alert of crises in real time to improve reactiveness and protect communities from threats to safety.


Situational Awareness

Integrate automated OSINT into national security operations for a 360 degree view of online activity related to acts of potential terrorism and aggression against sovereign nations.


Environmental Protection

Identify threat actors who poach, trade, smuggle or damage protected species and lands.

Deploying WEBINT to Protect the Nation

Drug Trafficking
Gang Investigations
Internet Crimes
Human Trafficking
Crime Investigation

Government Resources


Dismantling an International Human Trafficking Ring Using an AI-powered Platform

Human traffickers continue to innovate and find efficient ways to avoid detection. Using an AI-powered WEBINT platform, such as Cobwebs, is the best way to identify human traffickers in the fight to stamp out and prevent human trafficking.


Natural Disasters
Case Study

During the hurricane, the tools provided by Cobwebs allowed rescue services to not only obtain information on the situation on the ground caused by the disaster but also to effectively handle and properly contain the panic which ensued from it.


Public Health Emergency: New Frontiers for Emergency Teams & Government

Regional health care professionals were able to leverage Cobwebs’ capabilities of automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies in order to gain vast insights to enable decisive action and save lives.

Unprecedented Simultaneous Access to All Corners of the Web

Use the leading AI-powered, user-friendly platform for enhanced, automated web investigations. Extract critical, intelligent insights with ease and efficiency from surface, deep and dark web data sources with our comprehensive OSINT solution. Gain unmatched situational awareness with real-time intelligent insights generated from vast sea of information.

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