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Law Enforcement

Enhance Web Investigations

Law enforcement agencies face various threats to public order. Illegal activities continue to grow with increasing use and easy access of threat actors to the open, deep and dark web spheres. These vast data sources are used by criminals, terrorists, and others, exploiting the web to leverage their activities, motivating investigators to search for online investigation and cyber forensics tools.


Criminal Investigations

Solve cases faster using an automated web investigation platform.


Intelligence Analysis

Stay ahead of threats and gain real-time intelligence and security.


Public Safety

Maintain complete situational awareness and take preventative action.


Emergency Response

Quickly anticipate and respond to emergencies in the community.

Using WEBINT to Protect Communities

Human Trafficking
Drug Trafficking
Gang Investigations
Crime Investigation
Internet Crimes

Law Enforcement Resources

Fentanyl Overdoses

How Open-Source Intelligence Can Reduce Fentanyl Overdoses

Law Enforcement needs to adopt innovative approaches to stem the rising tide of addiction and drug overdoses, namely fentanyl overdoses.


OSINT is Critical for Officer Safety

Officer safety is our number one goal when we hit the lights and sirens to get to a scene. It's our first priority when we are notified of an escalating incident. Open-source intelligence is just one way we can ensure everyone gets back home.


Human Trafficking Investigative Tools

Integrating a variety of investigative tools and methods into your investigative ‘toolbox’ is critical to uncovering hidden connections and developing relevant leads to bring Human Traffickers to justice.

Unprecedented Simultaneous Access to All Corners of the Web

Use the leading AI-powered, user-friendly platform for enhanced, automated web investigations. Extract critical, intelligent insights with ease and efficiency from surface, deep and dark web data sources with our comprehensive OSINT solution. Gain unmatched situational awareness with real-time intelligent insights generated from vast sea of information.
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