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Web Investigation Platform - Cobwebs Technologies

Web Investigation Platform

Enhance Your Investigations with Automated, AI-Powered Open-Source Intelligence

Our powerful web investigation platform was designed by intelligence and security experts and enables search and analysis of data from the surface, deep and dark web. Our exclusive technology extracts targeted intelligence from big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating insights for investigators and analysts. 

The Challenge

The increasing use of apps, the deep and dark web has led to a significant growth of illegal activities on the internet. These platforms are used to conduct illicit activities with minimal visibility. Enterprises, as well as government agencies and law enforcement, often spend countless hours manually searching for and analyzing this online activity, often unable to piece disparate and unstructured data together to see the complete picture of a criminal enterprise. Because of this, automated web investigation has become a crucial part of intelligence methodologies and security management to enhance safety and close cases faster.

The Solution

Analysts, investigators and security managers need an AI-powered, user-friendly, comprehensive platform that can quickly extract and analyze data from all layers of the surface, deep and dark web. Using an automated platform ensures user’s safety while quickly finding and analyzing online content to help propel web investigations forward. These real-time intelligence insights can enhance situational awareness, ensure operational security and can protect communities and organizations from impending threats.

Automated Web Investigation

Using PenLink Cobwebs’ web intelligence platform, analysts can now easily identify new threats, reveal hidden connections and enhance an investigation with additional leads quickly and efficiently. Cobwebs’ dark web monitoring assists analysts and investigators with identifying new threats, while uncovering potential illicit activity across the web using automated, advanced search capabilities.

PenLink Cobwebs' Web Intelligence Platform Benefits

Harnessing advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, our threat intelligence platform meets the needs of both private organizations, governments and law enforcement with simplicity and efficiency. It removes manual searches and analysis from the analytical process and helps accelerate investigations forward.

Gain Critical Insights

Discover and generate actionable intelligence insights, understand intentions and extract critical information across all layers of the web.

Harness All Web Data

Complete access to all web layers – open, deep and dark web.

Gain Real-Time Alerts

Live access to web data provides analysts with real-time alerts.

Complete Automation

Removes manual search and analysis, automating many processes to reduce workload and increase efficiency.

Uncover Hidden Connections

Discover connections across all layers of the web to gain critical insights into relationships and online activity.

Identify Threats

Instantly view an interactive graph based on relationship types and connection degrees.

Our Dark Web
Monitoring Technology

Our exclusive technology extracts actionable intelligence from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating intelligent insights.

Key Features

Search and Analysis

Search and analysis of
multiple data sources

Developed Investigation

Transform a single lead into
an end-to-end investigation

Identify Threats

Identify threat and
malicious activity

Physical Threats

Connect physical
and digital layers

Real-Time Alerts

Live web data analysis and automated real-time alerts

Streamlined AI

Harness big data with
streamlined artificial intelligence

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Penlink Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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