Threat Intelligence Solution

Powering Threat Intelligence

Cobwebs’ threat intelligence platform automatically extracts targeted critical insights from big data with advanced and powerful AI machine learning algorithms.

Designed to meticulously race through and scan endless digital channels of the web, our solution analyzes huge sums of data to help you protect precious assets.


Threat intelligence is becoming an integral part of many organizations and requires advanced technological solutions to be performed in the best manner. Our AI-powered engine is designed to guide organizations in centralizing their threat intelligence from all sources and platforms in one innovative solution. The automated tools provide real-time alerts to create clarity of the threats in the organization’s feed and streamlining operations. Our unique technology gathers and analyzes vast amounts of data to detect cyber threat insights in real-time.


The leading, AI-powered, user-friendly search engine, designed to race through platforms and networks to make sure you have access to everything you need. Gauge the state of your digital and physical assets using the most advanced tools. Gain unmatched situational awareness with real-time insights.

Cobwebs’ Threat Intelligence Platform

Stay Ahead of Threats and Gain Real-time Intelligence and Security. Security teams use web intelligence services in order to identify potential threats, using both available public data. Data-driven open source intelligence can provide critical insights to organizations to monitor, detect and analyze malicious activity on all levels of the internet, including the deep and dark web in order to discover new threats and leads to optimize their investigations.


Harnessing advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, our threat intelligence platform, meets the needs of security organizations with simplicity and efficiency.

Gain Situational Awareness

Immerse yourself in torrents of relevant data extracted from all layers of the web

Real-time Alerts

Be proactive, take preventative action with real-time monitoring and alerts

Detect Threats

Analyze the origin of the threats and amplify your intelligence & security

Share Knowledge

Cooperate between team members and department using reporting and exporting tools

Big Data Processing

Make sense out of big data using advanced technology with the appropriate analytics tools to visualize the relevant data

Defining Interest Categories

Determine the relevant topics to stay on top of and customize alerts to keep up with the recent activity

Our Technology

Our powerful web intelligence solution searches and analyzes data of endless digital channels – from open, deep and dark web. Eliminate risks and shed light on even the darkest online & real-life threats to your organization. Amplify your intelligence and protect your brand, team, critical data & assets.

Key Features

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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