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Our Vision

In our world of infinite online information, endless growth of crime, and 24/7 investigations to prevent terror, corruption, and cyber attacks, Cobwebs Technologies emerged as the leading web intelligence solution developer.

Our intelligence masterminds and expert R&D teams created powerful cyber intelligence software to support smooth, seamless and smarter operations and investigations in national security agencies and private sectors – ultimately making the world a safer place.

Make a Difference Every Day

Join the industry’s most​​ creative minds and grow your career with a collaborative team that strives for innovation and excellence.

We prioritize and mentor for career development, so we can all grow and benefit from our talented and creative teams. We are agile, flexible and always empower each other to become better innovators and leaders in everything we do.

We don’t just believe our products help create a safer world, we see it being done worldwide through our customers successes, and this encourages us to keep innovating to enable our mission of stopping crime, corruption and terror.

Disruptive Technology

Cobwebs Technologies is revolutionizing cyber intelligence with
AI-driven solutions. Our award winning technologies are tailored to solve complex real world challenges and to produce valuable insights from oceans of big-data.
We work in an agile environment to develop cutting edge platforms. Our solutions are integrated in advanced cloud infrastructure. We work with big-data technologies and power it all with various AI machine learning algorithms.

If you want to help develop solutions for a safer world while keeping pace with the most advanced technologies, join us!

Company Culture

Become part our vibrant, fast-paced environment. We are inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and hard work, but we also find time for fun. We prize out-of-the box thinking and we reward excellence. ​Our global expert teams always keep up with the latest technological and business developments, which guarantees both our market leadership position and your professional growth.​​

Ensure Your Next Career

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