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Cybersecurity Challenges

The protection of critical infrastructure is an essential part of any cybersecurity planning. Systems such as power and water distribution networks and transport and communication grids are vital to keeping society and the economy secure and safe. Unfortunately, in today’s interconnected world, these systems are more vulnerable than ever, with every power station, water pumping station, and electricity substation connected to an online network which expands the threat horizon.

Threat actors are constantly probing, testing, and trying to infiltrate systems to discover their vulnerabilities. Using methods like ransomware attacks and malware, threat actors can disrupt daily operations, giving attackers leverage for monetary demands. They can also exploit this infrastructure by stealing data to sell it on the dark web to other nefarious entities. Cyber-attacks can result in large-scale power disruptions, supply-chain issues, economic damage, and even personal injury, making cybersecurity in critical infrastructure sectors and its increased resilience more crucial than ever. 


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How to Protect Critical Infrastructure

Cybersecurity dangers are constantly evolving, and what worked yesterday may not be as effective today. Therefore, in addition to ongoing updates and maintenance, organizations must invest in monitoring all layers of the surface, deep and dark web, and defend systems against exploitation of possible vulnerabilities.

Proactive Monitoring and Threat Discovery

It’s not enough to monitor systems and tackle hazards once a breach is detected. Instead, the best approach is preventative – continually monitoring threats from all levels of the web, assessing risk levels, and preparing a prevention strategy.At Cobwebs, we are ready to provide the support organizations need to maintain a high-level security posture using cutting-edge strategies and software.

Improve Situational Awareness to Protect Critical Infrastructure

As with any security operation, cybersecurity defense depends on fast response times from stakeholders whenever a new risk is detected. Open-source data aggregated from surface, deep, and dark webs is a vital resource for maintaining situational awareness.

Cobwebs leverage AI to analyze big data and deliver informative intelligence relevant to infrastructure protection by observing local and global events for emergencies or cyber risks in their early stages. Organizations can use Cobwebs’ open-source intelligence platform to monitor indicators of reconnaissance, sale of stolen data on the dark web, or chatter regarding additional attacks. Cobwebs solutions analyze relevant real-time data regarding threats, extracts critical insights about critical infrastructure threats, and utilize them to construct optimal responses to potential malware and ransomware attacks. Real-time use of this data can lead to improved response times and removal of the impending threat.

Benefits of Using Cobwebs


Detecting Targeted Threats

Open-source intelligence tailored to critical infrastructure identifies eminent threats targeting operations, locations and systems.


Identifying New Attack Kits and Vectors

Detecting new attack kits, vectors, and exploits helps to prevent planned attacks targeting industrial controls.


Discovering Data Leakage

Scanning all web layers allows the infrastructure operator to detect leaked credentials, confidential documents, or any exposed intellectual proprietary information.


Safe and Anonymous Investigations

Extract crucial intelligence without exposing assets to threat actors operating in the deep and dark web.


Real-Time Targeted Alerts

Infrastructure operators will receive actionable contextual alerts tailored to their needs. The alerts are based on simultaneously extracted relevant data collected from the surface, deep, and dark.


Protecting the Infrastructure's Assets

Monitor the web’s various layers simultaneously for data leaks, reputational issues or threats against critical infrastructure brand, assets and employees.

Threat Intelligence Protects Critical Infrastructure

Cobwebs’ solutions are designed explicitly with the nation-state and private sector critical infrastructure cybersecurity in mind; however, the vast amounts of web data have made tracking global cyberattacks more complex than ever. Advanced tools can limit vulnerability by providing intelligent, sector-specific insights to government or private organizations. In addition, our solutions address security challenges related to ransomware, cybercrime, and anti-terrorism.
Across infrastructure sectors, our extensive experience collaborating with cybersecurity experts allows us to generate vital intelligence that:
The AI-powered open-source intelligence at the core of our platform also recognizes patterns in web data and allows decision-making in near real-time.

Critical Infrastructure Resources

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure has always been subject to risks associated with natural disasters and man-made threats. Such incidents have and can harm, incapacitate, or even destroy operations, services, and facilities.


Dismantling an International Human Trafficking Ring Using an AI-powered Platform

Human traffickers continue to innovate and find efficient ways to avoid detection. Using an AI-powered WEBINT platform, such as Cobwebs, is the best way to identify human traffickers in the fight to stamp out and prevent human trafficking.


Protecting Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure become a more and more attractive target for a wide range of threats. Deploy Cobwebs platform to prevent threats and ensure that your assets remain operational, reliable, and risk free.

Cobwebs Solutions Protect Critical Infrastructure

At Cobwebs Technologies, we recruit leading security experts from cybersecurity and military sectors, providing an unmatched depth of skills and experience to address today’s critical needs. We gained our expertise in the web intelligence sphere through years of involvement in cross-sector projects, and we continually expand our knowledge base to deliver the most relevant cybersecurity results.

Our involvement in web intelligence across various industries has given us a deep understanding of cyber threats’ ever-changing and expanding scope. We develop all our tools in-house and constantly optimize them to ensure critical infrastructure has a level of protection and resilience that keeps everything running smoothly.

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