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Improve the Investigative Process with Open-Source Intelligence

Integrate OSINT into Intelligence Analysis
With the explosion of apps and online communication, the open-source information generated from these platforms provides investigators and analysts with unprecedented insight into people, places, and entities. This view into daily online activity has become a force multiplier for intelligence analysts tasked with supporting investigations, community safety initiatives, and national security. One cannot understate the value of OSINT to public safety. Agency personnel cannot manually analyze the volume of data generated from apps and websites, nor can it be mined safely without personal or agency exposure. With that complexity of access and analysis comes the need for more robust analytical tools to decipher the hidden connections and activity.
Automated AI-Powered Open-Source Intelligence Analysis

Since OSINT involves surface, deep and dark web data, analysts cannot manually relate data from all web layers without investing countless hours. When minutes count in an investigation, analysts need automated tools to scour all layers of the web, piecing together seemingly unrelated data to find a missing link in a case. Automated tools that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) are the force multiplier that intelligence analysts need to safely access all layers of the web and quickly develop actionable leads.

Streamline Intelligence Analysis

By using an automated AI-Powered OSINT platform, intelligence analysts can make connections quickly between unrelated data sources online, providing real-time alerts to:

Tangles, our open-source intelligence platform, is used in various situations for law enforcement, public safety, and government entities to quickly identify and analyze potential criminal activity. These include:

Cobwebs' AI-Powered OSINT Solutions

Open-source information is a critical component of intelligence analysis, but an integrated, automated AI-Powered OSINT platform is a true force multiplier in an investigation. Cobwebs’ Tangles platform allows users to seamlessly tie all layers of the world wide web together to see a complete picture of a person, place, group, or entity. By analyzing this online data seamlessly and safely in one platform, intelligence analysts streamline their intelligence process, quickly accelerating investigations to find missing links, associations, and activity.

Automated OSINT Gives Intelligence Analysts:


Real-Time Updates

Get real-time updates for online threats, including other personas advocating or encouraging an existing threat made online.


Obfuscated Data

Access hidden open-source data from the surface, deep and dark web through an automated and safe platform.


Disparate Networks

Tie disparate data together to one person, place or group using identity resolution capabilities.


Investigate Safely and Anonymously

Automated OSINT gives Intelligence Analysts online safety as they analyze large volumes of data.


Scan the Dark Web

Safe access to the open, deep and dark web to collect and analyze online digital information.


Targeted Insights

Real-time information compiled from multiple sources with your criteria of interest.

Intelligence Analysis Resources

Identifying Members of Criminal Networks

Criminal networks and terrorist organizations not only remain active, but it becomes harder and harder to identify their members and detect threat patterns for crime prevention.

Fentanyl Overdoses

Drug Trafficking Investigation

The increasing use of social media platforms, mobile apps and dark web sources have led to significant growth of illegal activities online. Platforms are used by criminals, terrorists, hackers and others exploiting easy access to the internet, conducting operations with minimal visibility.

WEBINT for Gang Investigations

Today’s gangs are known to be highly organized, similar to the way American Mafia families from the 1930s were organized and operated, which makes it hard to identify the various members and their connections.

Get the Benefits of Automated OSINT in Intelligence Analysis

Intelligence analysis solutions from Cobwebs provide AI-powered web tools that enhance and improve investigations, community safety, and officer safety. Contact us to request a demo today and discover how our web intelligence solution can improve your overall intelligence analysis capabilities.
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