Best Practices Criteria for World-Class Performance

Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company. Cobwebs excels in many of the criteria in the law enforcement digital intelligence space.

Founded in 2015 Cobwebs Technologies (Cobwebs) is a technology provider specializing in web
intelligence solutions. The company’s solutions help customers gain actionable insights from data using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) analytics. The company’s customer base consists of global clients in financial institutions, law enforcement, national security, public safety, and enterprise security. In 2019 and 2020, Frost & Sullivan recognized Cobwebs for its innovation and customer-centric solutions and remains impressed with the company’s continuing innovation and sustained leadership.

global infosec awards winner cyber defense magazine 2022

Cobwebs Technologies Wins Next Gen in Threat Intelligence Award for 2022 Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM)

For the second year in a row, Cobwebs Technologies won the Next Gen in Threat Intelligence award from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine as part of the coveted Global InfoSec awards program. The awards were announced last week during RSA 2022 in San Francisco, CA.

“Cobwebs Technologies embodies three major features we judges look for to become winners: understanding tomorrow’s threats, today, as well as providing a cost-effective solution and innovating in unexpected ways that can help mitigate cyber risk and get one step ahead of the next breach,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine.

2022 cyber tech 100,

Cobwebs Technologies Ranked on the CyberTech100 for 2022

For the second year in a row, Cobwebs Technologies, an industry-leading provider of AI-driven automated digital risk protection platform, today announced that it ranks on the CyberTech100 for 2022 list, a prestigious annual list representing a singular look at the most successful cyber technology companies in a very dynamic, complex industry.

Now in its third year, CyberTech100 recognizes 100 of the most innovative companies that help organizations across the globe secure themselves against cyber threats and fraud.

With humanity, social justice, order, and public security at the core of the company’s motives and values, Cobwebs’ technology redefines digital web data collection and analysis. Cobwebs Technologies automates the delivery of targeted intelligent insights, so public safety, financial institutions, and corporates can attain the right information to identify risks and prevent crime, helping protect communities and organizations from threats or harm.

SR 2021, The most advanced investigation analytics platform

‘The Most Advanced Investigative Analytics Platform’

The Silicon Review Grants Cobwebs Technologies ‘The Most Advanced Investigative Analytics Platform’.
The award was granted for the company’s unique and cutting-edge products that help national security, intelligence, and other private sectors to detect new threats and discover relations, providing an end-to-end web investigation solution. Its powerful software is designed to support smooth, seamless, and smarter operations and investigations in national security agencies and private sectors.

The Silicon Review is a leading online and print community for business and technology professionals. Our community members include thought-provoking CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, IT VPs, and managers, along with a multitude of diverse IT professionals. The Silicon Review encompasses nine technology and vertical communities: Software, IT Services, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Security, Telecommunications, Hot Start-ups, and The Best Companies to work for. Each community leader is a proven subject matter expert who collaborates with industry gurus, technology managers, researchers, top technology journalists, consultants, and industry analysts.

acyber security breakthrouh awards 2021, threat intelligence platform of the year

Cobwebs Technologies Wins Cybersecurity Breakthrough Award For 2021

Cobwebs Technologies was named the winner of the breakthrough award in 2021, in the fifth annual CyberSecurity Breakthrough Awards program conducted by CyberSecurity Breakthrough, a leading independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global information security market today.

“Today’s current threat landscape is best served by threat intelligence that offers a strategic perspective,” said James Johnson, managing director, CyberSecurity Breakthrough. “There’s an advantage to identifying the types of threats a company is most likely to encounter. Gathering and analyzing data, mainly from web-based sources, provides a greater understanding of the current threat environment as well any future risks. Cobwebs’ breakthrough solution helps organizations maintain continuity in an unpredictable and volatile environment and we are thrilled to recognize the Company for winning the ‘Threat Intelligence Platform of the Year’ award.”

global awards

Globee Business Awards

Globee® Awards, organizers of the world’s premier business awards programs and business ranking lists, has named Cobwebs’ Web Investigation Platform, a winner in the Annual 2021 Disruptor Company Awards. These prestigious global awards recognize disruptive technologies and innovative solutions that are transforming consumer experiences everywhere.

“Disruptive technologies and solutions are transforming consumer experiences everywhere while consumer and end-user needs are continuously evolving,” said San Madan, co-President of Globee Awards. “Legacy systems are not always fast enough to accept and respond to such needs.”

frost sulivan, 2020 best practices awards, global ai-powered wen intelligence technology innovation leadership

Frost & Sullivan Global AI-Powered Web Intelligence Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Cobwebs Technologies was recognized by Frost & Sullivan for their Global AI-Powered Web Intelligence Technology in the web intelligence industry. In this write-up, learn how Frost & Sullivan determined that our technology stood out and deserved to win the award.

F&S Concluded:

With organized criminal enterprises (e.g., gangs, terrorist groups, hate groups) growing in numbers and expanding globally, law enforcement, governments, and national security agencies must detect and halt illicit activities. Cobwebs Technologies delivers ground-breaking web intelligence solutions that allow clients to search for and access data from the open web, deep web, dark web, social media platforms, and mobile applications to conduct case investigations. The company’s newest solution helps financial institutions to gain actionable insights (beyond competing platforms’ capabilities) into customers, employees, and partners during the onboarding process.

For its innovative spirit, customer-centric solutions, and strong overall performance, Cobwebs Technologies earns Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award in the AI-powered web intelligence industry.

astors american security today 2020, platinum award winner, homeland security awards

Cobwebs Technologies Honored with 2020 ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Award.

“‘ASTORS’ nominations are evaluated on their technical innovation, interoperability, specific impact within the category, the overall impact to the industry, relatability to other industry technologies, and application feasibility outside of the industry,” concluded Tammy Waitt, co-founder and editorial director of American Security Today.
Cobwebs Technologies Web Intelligence Platform was selected for its ability to rapidly identify and locate malicious threat actors on the open, deep, and dark webs.
Cobwebs’ Web Intelligence Platform differs from other WEBINT solutions because investigations on the open, dark and deep webs with other solutions normally take days, weeks or even months to be conducted can now be completed in mere minutes with little more than a few clicks.

reg tech 100 2021

Cobwebs Technology has been added to the prestigious RegTech100 list that recognizes the tech companies that have transformed compliance, risk management, and cybersecurity.

“Banks and other financial institutions need to be aware of the latest RegTech innovation in the market in order to avoid new compliance risks and stay competitive despite new regulations around customer onboarding and remote communication post-Covid-19,” said RegTech Analyst director of research Mariyan Dimitrov. “The RegTech100 list helps senior management filter through all the vendors in the market by highlighting the leading companies in sectors such as identity verification, risk management, information security, and reporting.”

Cobwebs Technologies is a market leader in providing innovative and comprehensive Artificial Intelligence- and Money Laundering-powered analytics and was chosen for its game-changing solutions that have set a new standard for RegTech.


CyberTech 100 Award

What makes Cobwebs’ solution stand out is that the platform uses AI technology to “think” like a professional financial investigator allowing any counterparty to be searched and analyzed. As opposed to “static” risk screening solutions, Tangles FIP searches both standard PEP and sanctions lists, alongside deep, smart searches of social media, blogs, dark web, and other deep web sources the world-over. This ensures that best efforts are made, and peace of mind for a financial institution that all possible data on their client was gathered, analyzed and provided with the relevant insights.”

2019 – Global AI-Powered Web Intelligence Technology Innovation Award

Our new revolutionary capabilities reshape the intelligence industry worldwide and help navigate and solve complicated investigations of law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies and special units of the government and private sector, to predict and respond in real-time to crime and terror.

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