Public Health is a new frontier for emergency response teams and relevant government authorities, and the spread of the recent COVID-19 global pandemic has only made the issue more [...]

Every year some 90,000 people around the world are killed by natural disasters, and another 160 million people are affected.  When natural disaster strikes, maintaining clear lines of communication [...]

Social media platforms have become an important news source and discussion forum. The use and popularity continue to grow among residents and citizens from a wide range of demographics [...]

As the threat landscape of financial services organizations evolves, threat intelligence tools must also transform and advance. Since attackers have become increasingly smarter and creative, regular firewalls are no [...]

Thousand of web sources function as an information library about individuals.  When investigating a person or persons, creating a target profile that brings all of their relevant data together is [...]

Immigration departments face daily challenges as thousands cross their borders that must be protected from dangerous entries. It is the responsibility of immigration department to identify known or potential [...]

In the past decade, society’s communication methods have shifted and transformed. With that, criminals are finding new and different ways to organize crime under the radar. More and more [...]

Today, almost every country worldwide faces forms of drug challenges, be it with drug trafficking or abuse. As we attempt to trace activity, communication challenges arise with drug dealers [...]

Prosecutors and government agencies realize that the dark web is a haven for criminal activity like terror funding, proliferation, arms smuggling and money laundering. Highly encrypted, the dark web [...]

Cyber attacks hit businesses every day. Cybercrime has increased every year as hackers attempt to benefit from vulnerable business systems. Every second, individuals or organizations try to breach a [...]