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October 20, 2020

The dark and deep web is a popular source of networking and for sophisticated and technically capable criminals planning to execute attacks against businesses and innocent civilians. But while it’s becoming for nefarious actors to access knowledge, it is also a treasure trove for law enforcement agencies working to solve investigations.

The internet has changed the very nature of crime, providing threat actors a global reach and at the same time, the deep and dark web has given rise to an unprecedented volume of intelligence for security agencies, with OSINT, providing mountains of intelligence for those working to solve criminal cases online.

When conducting OSINT investigations, law enforcement agencies rely on a range of publicly accessible resources, such as search engines, social media networks, media, academic journals, and more.

Therefore when conducting OSINT investigations on the deep and dark web, law enforcement agencies need tools with more in-depth intelligence data collection tools that can get the full picture from all types of data sources, especially those which are not publicly accessible.

But gathering information from a vast range of sources is time-consuming and the danger of information overload is a concern for analysts who must go through the unprecedented volume of intelligence they’ve gathered and analyze it in order to have the detailed intelligence in the shortest amount of time possible.

There has been an increase in the drive to adopt intelligence-led approaches and solutions in order to deal with threats based on the understanding that individuals and illicit networks can be identified by those who utilize all capabilities to see the wider intelligence picture.

Law enforcement agencies, therefore, need a one-stop-shop to monitor in real-time and extract critical data from deep and dark web forums, and solve those technologically driven crimes in the most efficient way possible.

While some of the posts on the deep web might seem benign to the human eye, online investigation tools and media intelligence platforms developed by Cobwebs can provide valuable intelligence in identifying suspects and concrete threats.

In order to solve OSINT investigations, law enforcement agencies need to be able to navigate the deep and dark web and extract intelligence in a targeted and decisive manner.

With powerful yet user-friendly OSINT tools provided by Cobwebs that use sophisticated artificial intelligence that uses digital forensics, social media analytics and that can automatically monitor and manage content from across all layers of the internet, law enforcement agencies are capable of solving investigations in record amounts of time.

The AI-driven solutions developed by Cobwebs are able to harvest intelligence and with machine learning and natural language processing, can automatically deliver real-time data, and prioritize alerts.

OSINT tools like Avatar Management that can covertly uncover and extract the critical pieces of data and carry out a social network analysis of the data that was gathered can effectively provide law enforcement unmatched intelligence.

The solutions provided by Cobwebs for law enforcement agencies using deep web sources for OSINT investigations can not only provide the tools to extract precise and key data but monitor and alert investigators to real-time threats.



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