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The Future of Digital Intelligence

February 28, 2024

It’s been a few months since Cobwebs Technologies embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the announcement of the integration with PenLink. In July, we agreed to join PenLink on this journey to revolutionize the digital intelligence field, bringing together our open-source intelligence (OSINT) solution with their digital intelligence platform. This strategic move is more than just a merger of technologies; it signifies the creation of a unified powerhouse in the Digital Intelligence landscape.

Digital Intelligence: Our Vision
We joined forces with PenLink to build the most robust, comprehensive Digital Intelligence platform the industry has ever seen. Today, investigators and analysts work in siloed systems that often create manual and time-consuming processes to analyze data. Humans cannot always see connections when working in different systems – they may overlook or miss valuable connections and insights critical to a case. In a world where data is omnipresent, our mission is to harness this vast information in real-time, delivering “InsAIghts for decisions” like never before.

The Future of Digital Intelligence
Today also marks the beginning of a series of posts where our visionary leaders will dive deeper into the future of our industry. Where we – as a consolidated company and brand – plan to go and how we plan to lead the industry in redefining digital intelligence. Our visionaries will show you how AI and machine learning can advance threat detection, investigations, and intelligence analysis beyond what is done today. From emerging technologies to innovative strategies, we will share insights and discussions on what lies ahead. Stay tuned as we explore the cutting edge of Digital Intelligence together and join the conversation about what the future holds.

Why This New View of Digital Intelligence Matters
In the fast-evolving digital world, the need for a powerful, integrated Digital Intelligence solution has never been more critical. The volumes of data online, and the evidence and information gathered during investigations is limitless in volume and depth. Our collaboration is set to address this need, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital age with confidence and precision.

Our Digital Intelligence Journey
As we embark on this exciting path, we invite you to join us. Whether you’re a professional in the field, a potential partner, or simply someone passionate about the future of technology, your insights and engagement are invaluable. The journey ahead is filled with potential and promise. Together, let’s shape the future of Digital Intelligence, making the digital world a safer, more understandable place for all.


Omri Timianker

Omri Timianker is the Managing Director of International Sales at PenLink. Omri also co-founded Cobwebs Technologies, which was acquired by PenLink in 2023. He began his way in the IDF special forces and Israeli secret services where he was one of the pioneers of tactical SIGINT operations. Since 2005, Omri has been an entrepreneur in technological intelligence solutions. In a world of infinite online information, endless growth of crime, and 24/7 investigations to prevent terror, corruption, misconduct and social disorder, PenLink Cobwebs emerged as the leading web intelligence solution developer. Our intelligence masterminds and expert R&D teams created a powerful tool to support smooth, seamless and smarter operations & investigations in national security agencies & private sectors – ultimately making the world a safer place.


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