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OSINT Investigations: How Police Fight Cybercrime with OSINT tools

August 13, 2019

Osint investigations use data collected from publicly available sources in intelligence-based criminal investigations. More and more studies are conducted on cyberattacks of entirely unprecedented reach and impact on businesses, individuals and innocent citizens of Europe, North America and in the UK. Various active organizations invest their time and efforts investigating the lead causes, motives and means for preventing cybercrime with intelligence. With the power of sophisticated artificial intelligence that’s bound in user-friendly solutions, digital forensics, social media analytics, and tools supporting overall crime investigations, cybercrime and attacks have become more accurately investigated and understood. Europol and other leading organizations fighting cybercrime have collaboratively brought research forces together to generate detailed insight on cybercriminal motives and actions in their bleak online realm.

The reality of cyberattack statistics indicate that close collaboration with law enforcement and government agencies is critical for the safety of citizens’ and businesses’ data, along with close work with private and public sector organizations. What’s at risk?  More and more every single day, from sensitive credit card info, various attempts to manipulate financial data for fraud, and cases as extreme as child exploitation, pedophilia and abuse of minors through online channels. The list goes on and is longer each minute. The key to prevention, as indicated above, is the winning blend of human and artificial intelligence. Let’s explore.

New Developments Mean New Challenges: Tech Advancements & Cyber Crime Investigation Tools

Last year’s IOCTA analysis reported the critical threats of technology’s advancements along with other sources of information indicating concerns with the usual suspects of ransomware, production of child exploitation materials for online distribution and sales, lists of sensitive data, hacking guides, cryptocurrency abuse with targets of currency buyers and exchangers and more. The newer concerns that are rising and developing are social engineering attempts and attacks, the core vehicle of many cyberattacks, alongside business-as-usual cybercrime transactions and illegal activities like firearm and illegal substance commerce, despite the closure of endless darknet marketplaces. The issue remains, with the lightning speed advancements of hackers’ motives and activities, cybercriminals are constantly thinking outside of the box to find ways to harm and threaten the public, businesses, and government organizations. They find the weakest link and attack. With social media analytics, digital forensics tools, OSINT investigations tools, and advanced criminal record check solutions that all come together in one robust platform, police and government investigations, along with prevention of cybercrime, are truly optimized.

The Future is Now: Cybercrime Police Investigations with Real-Time Analysis via Digital Forensics & Social Media Analytics

Holistic solutions that streamline efficacy of prevention and investigations of cybercrime are now more frequently adopted in policing and government organizations globally. The secret to their successful breakdown of cyberattacks is identifying everything from key groups conspiring in cybercrime and attacks based on geo-location, sentiment of content, main actors, conspirers, cybercrime networks and connections, motives and content analysis – all of this in real-time. Tracing the critical pieces of data that can only be extracted via sophisticated artificial intelligence is now recognized as an essential asset to private and public sector investigations, and adoption of digital forensics and social media analytics tools that bring these details forward is increasing daily.

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