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Using AI to prevent cybercrime targeting Smart Cities on the Darkweb

June 6, 2020

The growing capabilities of artificial intelligence have allowed for a growing spotlight on the dangers lurking on the dark web and have allowed authorities to track criminals and protect innocent civilians targeted by threat actors.

Beneath the surface of the internet used by everyday users, lies the deep dark web where criminal marketplaces thrive in the selling of illegal weapons, drugs, as well as credit card numbers, stolen credentials and software to hack into computers.

With an increased reliance on smart technology such as AI, law enforcement agencies have been working continuously to stop the malicious activities carried out by criminals who feel that they are safe behind a screen of anonymity.

Extracting intelligence from deep dark web browsers can be tedious, and with criminals or terrorists trying to hide their past criminal history, finding the suspect’s digital footprints which would connect the dots as well as uncover new leads is time-consuming.

Technology developed by Cobwebs with artificial intelligence-driven search engines that are capable of sifting through infinite amounts of critical data and methodologies that meet requirements of law enforcement agencies across the globe allows authorities to crack down on criminal enterprises on the dark web in minimum amounts of time with limited resources.

Just like authorities are leveraging such technologies against criminals online, smart cities are using AI and other modern technologies to eliminate crime and enhance security in urban areas.

Cities are increasingly using AI systems and image recognition technology to scan and identify suspicious behavior that could mark possible criminal or terror behavior as well as using facial recognition technology to identify criminals who may be wanted by authorities.

With minimal leads, Cobwebs’s automated AI web intelligence tools can unveil the identities of criminals by face detection technology, detecting individual faces and attributes in images across the different layers of the web as well as generate real-time alerts for faces that appear to be a match.

But along with the countless benefits, smart cities can have several problematic issues such as an invasion of privacy and poor cybersecurity, which can unwillingly risk data of residents falling into the hands of cybercriminals.

The large amounts of data stored by smart cities are vaults waiting to be cracked by criminals who are constantly designing and selling new malware on deep dark web browsers. With governments being prime targets, according to Cnet, more than 70 state and local governments in the United States were targeted by ransomware attacks in 2019.

While criminal activity is rampant on the deep dark web, it is also a rich source of intelligence.

Using Cobwebs’ technology, authorities are alerted to actionable alerts in real-time, which can prevent disastrous attacks as well as a complete threat intelligence picture from the dark web, which would allow them to better prepare or mitigate future attacks.



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