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Crime Analysis and Open-Source Data: Integrating OSINT into an Analyst’s Daily Operations

The term Open-Source Intelligence, known as OSINT, originated as a defense-oriented analysis and has been used by the Intelligence Community for decades. OSINT involves the application of gathering open-source data found in publicly available sources and using it to provide valuable, actionable information. Incorporating a routine into a crime analysis workflow that includes open-source research on persons of interest, stolen property, and problematic locations can provide compelling intelligence for your organization.

Crime analysis includes tactical, strategic, problem, administrative and intelligence analysis. Many law enforcement analysts perform one, if not all, of these types of crime analysis daily. Integrating OSINT into that analytical workflow can seem daunting, but it must be a critical component of any analytical work product created to help support public safety operations.

Download our newest eBook, Crime Analysis and Open-Source Data:  Integrating OSINT into an Analyst’s Daily Operations and receive a step-by-step guide on how your agency can integrate OSINT into all types of crime analysis – strategic, tactical, problem, administrative and intelligence.

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