Active Web Intelligence

Active Web Intelligence

Trapdoor is an innovative and dynamic web-based platform, designed for link creation and management. The system’s multifaceted features and functions may be customized for any type of threat engagement including remote extraction of technical details with non-intrusive methods.


In recent years, social networks have taken a key position in the flow of information across the web and around the globe.

The vast spread of social media and internet related applications has become a major tool used by criminals, terrorists and other groups who exploit the easy worldwide access to spread their agenda, cause incitement, recruit members and connect to other targets and groups.


Our solution bypasses hardened network perimeters and client systems in employing innovative methods to launch directed command modules at a connected source. The platform equips users with the flexibility to design, create and manage any operational plan, grappling with vast connection volumes in real-time. Users are empowered to view all information under their domains with ease while receiving relevant alerts as they occur.
Through its advanced execution methods, Trapdoor allows you to re-build any link from across the web. The easy-to-use designer allows the analyst to tailormade operations quickly and easily and without the need to know how to program or design.


Configuration of browsing environment parameters specific to user preferences using AI-based recommendations.

Engage Anonymously

Engage with threat actors without alerting them

Intelligence Gathering

Utilize the platforms tools to gather intelligence in unique and creative ways

Design & Create

Design and deliver a different type of operation?

Grab IP Address

Expose the threat actor’s IP address in an anonymous manner

Expose Digital Footprint

Discover critical information about the threat actor such as device type, browser, cookies, language setting, timestamps and more

Engage with Threat Actors

Anonymously engage with the threat actors with various communication methods

Our Technology

Our exclusive technology extracts targeted intelligence from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating intelligent insights.

Key Features

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

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