Secured Analyst Assistant

Virtual HUMINT Operations

Lynx assists analysts in the creation, management, and maintenance of virtual agents’ essential information over time. The unique added value users gain from Lynx lays in its advanced automation services. The system provides analysts with relevant and critical data in real-time – a new, contemporary and efficient approach to data and target management.


OSINT, threat intelligence, law enforcement, financial fraud, cybersecurity and other analysts are exposing themselves to many risks they may not even be aware of in their daily investigative work. Automated AI insights will guide the researcher through their investigation while allowing a customized and controlled browsing environment to protect the researcher’s identity. The solution leverages a secured isolation layer allowing a safe browsing environment while adding an additional security layer of an AI-powered virtual agent.


Enterprises, as well as government agencies, deal with manual web investigations on a day to day basis facing the various challenges to do with exposing their digital footprint. Our AI-powered web extension addresses these challenges by enabling a safe browsing experience for a manual investigation while providing an automated, smart social media intelligence tools for the analyst’s disposal.


Harnessing advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, our platform Lynx, meets the needs of private and government sectors with simplicity and efficiency.

Safe Browsing

Browse the web risk-free using customized preferences to protect one’s digital footprint

Harness All Web Data

Complete access of all web layers including the open web, deep web & dark web

Focus on What Matters

Real-time browsing analysis of online content with automated insights, while being able to download and log the relevant evidence that was found

Anonymity and localization

Unveil the underground marketplaces and forums of the dark web with the convenience of Lynx

Get Real-Time Alerts

Live data analysis and real-time alerts based on customized parameters

Evidence Collection

Document the investigation and its evidence that will be admissible in court

Our Technology

Our exclusive technology extracts targeted intelligence from the web’s big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating intelligent insights.

Key Features

Gain Real-Time Situational Awareness

Cobwebs’ solutions are recognized globally for innovation, compliance, and award-winning technologies.

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