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AI Breaks Down Big Data Mysteries

May 20, 2019

Identifying The Vital Online Information To Prevent Organized Terror & Crime

Staying One Step Ahead of Terror with Every Click: Intelligence & Technology Are Inseparable

The world’s crime is evolving alongside technology, with much of today’s real-world illegal activities commencing or organized online. From terror, to cybercrime, human trafficking and prostitution, to illegal marketplaces, the internet has ironically become a centralized location for much of global crime, despite its decentralized infrastructure. As the world’s crime develops with cutting edge technologies, the challenge of preventing crime in real-time no longer lays solely in catching culprits and conspiring parties on street corners. As long as the internet coexists with the evil intentions or actions of criminals or those working with them, crime must be prevented with much more than traditional methods of policing and law enforcement.

Agents and investigators have forever been vexed with the pain of sifting through endless information to acquire valuable data in and amongst all of the useless or irrelevant information – in document form or online. With AI-driven solutions, law enforcement agents discover kernels of information that grow a fully developed vision of an entire chain of hidden connections, events and communication – revealing critical clues and leads to solve a case in no time. Advanced AI-driven technology reveals a hidden network of individuals, places, ideas, photographs, video and online content from vast sources leading to the identification of the main actors instigating or carrying out a crime. Agents follow protocol to help enforce public safety exponentially faster than ever before, and the unsolved mysteries behind one moment that puts an entire community at risk begins to unfold – one click at a time.

Connecting the Dots: Dispersed Networks of One Organized Act of Terror Come Together with AI

With robust artificial intelligence algorithms exposing an entire network of conspiring actors in the planning and execution of violent crime, terror and cybercrime, machine learning and deep learning technologies connect the dots binding organized crimes’ web of participants. Agents learn the names, faces, locations and hidden messages woven into the coded language of each conspiring party’s communication, as software scans the internet and relevant mobile apps for predefined keywords, terms, and entities. Filling in the gaps of information required to prevent crime, terror and resolve investigations is now more complex due to the sheer volume of infinite online data. Artificial intelligence jumps this hurdle with agility, supporting the public sector and security organizations’ fight against terror, with its lightning speed ability to distinguish and extract crucial grains of online data within a rapidly expanding dessert of blended irrelevant & pertinent information.

Between social media activity, mobile chat apps and the dark web’s intricately weaved and encrypted communication, identifying critical pieces of information from these online sources are now an inherent aspect of national security agencies’ investigations. With artificial intelligence, individuals in different corners of the world conspiring remotely with terrorist, criminal and cybercrime organizations can be identified, geo-located, arrested and/or subpoenaed to eliminate escalation of events in real-time, while also preventing future crime and terror. With cognitive computing’s integration into the hands-on workflows and systematic operational processes that adhere to industry laws and compliance regulations, informed decision-making within various organizations’ intelligence programs is simplified and faster.

AI-driven solutions are deciphering genuinely useful and applicable information, leading to the discovery of building block organized terror attacks are comprised of, as these technologies have been indicated to now be an integral part of national homeland security in the United States. Another source states “Why is it so difficult for people to figure out what’s going on in all that data? Because 90 percent of it is unstructured stuff, like texts, pictures, tweets, you name it. But all this data can really help narrow in on useful things for humanity.”

Turning Intelligent Information into Actionable Insights: AI-Powered Solutions Face Crime & Terror

Terror, violent crime, drug trafficking, and cybercrime are effectively reduced, and investigated cases are solved in exponentially faster speed with the support of AI-driven software integrated with existing databases and fully compliant. Mapping out the intricate threads that weave a web of connected places, people, items, faces, and dispersed data related to specific drug trafficking, cybercrime, terror or human trafficking investigations, AI-powered technologies extract intelligent insights on criminal collaboration and develop the bigger picture of investigations. Not only is precious time saved, but acquiring documents for legal action against criminals can close investigations successfully, with warrants, subpoenas and court orders to prevent future crime.

A leader in the provision of AI-driven software that services the private and public sectors, Cobwebs Technologies advanced artificial intelligence algorithms are transforming the way we process and understand bite-sized handfuls of vital information that exist within massive pools of indigestible big data.

Specializing in the extraction of critical data to help identify participating parties, critical clues, leads, geo-located and tagged online content within criminals’ collaborative networks, Cobwebs’ solution detects sensitive information amidst the web’s enormous sum of endless data. With facial and image recognition technology, word and text identification of predefined keywords and entities with advanced NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm blended the platforms capacity to decipher data relevance, reliability, accuracy and even sentiment, Cobwebs’ solution generates real-time notifications of vital insights for optimal response times in critically time-sensitive situations. National security agencies and government organizations, along with verticals like finance, intelligence, public safety, law enforcement and border control employ Cobwebs’ cutting-edge technologies and services, with user-friendly visualization of data made easily discernible, accessible and helping keep just and order in business, life and society at large.



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