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Challenges in Criminal Investigations

January 25, 2022

Crime intelligence is a natural component of public safety, but the desire for faster turnarounds on inquiries, identifying and neutralizing potential crime before it arises, and extracting crucial information is now increasing pressure on investigators.

One of the best tools they can use is cyber threat monitoring software that enables them to identify intentions, establish links between threat actors, and generate complete reports on the criminal investigation.

The latest criminal investigation platform on the market today grants public safety officials the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to manage uncertainty and new challenges with advanced digital forensics effectively.

Cyber threat intelligence platform enables analysts to extract critical data and provide timely warnings of threats, while cybercrime AI solutions support operational activities and complex investigations.

Forensic investigators can utilize a combination of digital investigation platform, intelligent collection, and assessment of data by identifying connections of distinct crimes that occur in different locations, exploit AI to predict crime, and even prevent crime from taking place.

Monitoring software can also be leveraged to identify threat actors while uncovering connections across the web using automated advanced search capabilities.

But they can also go deeper than that and get behind crime organization structures by gaining substantial intelligence, including internal relations, context, and more.

The latest advances in these services mean analysts can roam the internet non-intrusively and anonymously to collect critical insights and act in real-time.

Such state-of-the-art software has enabled public safety officials to decode masses of written content that can be assessed to unmask hidden messages delivered through code words by threat actors or criminals.

For example, one agency had searched data that included keywords associated with drug street names, codes, and other jargon. The agency adopted a crime monitoring software system that automatically identified and analyzed relevant text with advanced natural language processing tools.

The platform alerts about relevant keywords which were specific drug street names that agents were investigating in a drug trafficking case.

Once inquiring the data from which vital keywords were detected, vast additional insights were gained. The remaining text was analyzed, and as entities were detected, agents acquired a better understanding of the threat actors.

Further data-enabled agency analysts to understand better the types of drugs dealt, their quantities, and locations of exchanges.

As criminals become more careful and techy savvy, particularly over the dark web, so crime monitoring services can be utilized to discover where and how they operate, their links, and, importantly, who they are.


Such software has been used effectively to track down drug dealers on the dark web after analysts found links between deaths and high drugs overdoses across the world. Such IT advances enabled the threat actor to be located, identified, and eventually to be sentenced.

Analysts are now being empowered to use automated artificial intelligence tools that can help recognize and monitor keywords and terminology, drive investigations quicker, and identify threat actors in real-time wherever they lurk – on the surface, deep and dark web.



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