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How Darknet Endpoints Can Enhance Dark Web Intelligence and Investigations

March 1, 2021

Dark web monitoring has become an integral part of today’s investigations by analysts and investigators alike, which requires dark web monitoring services to get the information they need. To access the dark web, a darknet search engine is needed, since standard browsers cannot search data on the deep and dark web.

The AI-powered WEBINT platform of Cobwebs enables analysts and investigators to scan the dark web to collect and analyze big data for dark web intelligence. It also allows for monitoring particular threats in the darknet and getting related dark web alerts relevant to their particular needs and use cases.

One way of probing the dark web is using darknet endpoints, which allow the users of the WEBINT platform to access the compiled dark web database. This is a highly effective way for analysts and investigators to request only information specifically related to a particular topic or entity by entering certain endpoints.

For example, when using the WEBINT platform for dark web monitoring, investors and analysts can:

  • Search for only specific terms or phrases to generate actionable results for their dark web investigations
  • Generate a list of all indexed darknet pages for dark web intelligence
  • Prioritize IP addresses as part of their dark web investigations

Overall, analysts and investigators can use the darknet endpoint capability of the WEBINT platform to collect data from several endpoints.

For example, cryptocurrency is highly popular on the dark web as a way to purchase or sell illicit goods and services without a money trail. By searching for specific cryptocurrency addresses, the digital footprint of a person or group under investigation can be followed. In addition to scanning for the cryptocurrency address endpoint, the cryptocurrency type endpoint is also important since it will indicate if a particular cryptocurrency was used.

Furthermore, email addresses and domains can indicate irregular activities due to e.g., threat actors. Using the WEBINT platform, analysts and investigators can request all OSINT information relating to a single email address or email domain. Once analyzed, the collected information can be used to detect patterns of behavior, map criminal organizations, or following the digital footprint of a threat actor. Analysts and investigators can also search for an IP address or IP range that is posted on darknet forums or used for illicit activities to enhance their investigations.

Other useful endpoints are credit card numbers and Bank Identification Numbers (BIN) posted on dark web forums by threat actors for profit. The search query can be extended to all credit cards belonging to a specific BIN during a dark web investigation.

With darknet endpoints, the users of the WEBINT platform can quickly and efficiently identify, monitor, and target particular threats in the darknet that are relevant to their particular needs and use cases, including curated content that was posted on the dark web. In general, the WEBINT platform collects and analyzes only OSINT information which guarantees compliance with the applicable statutory rules and regulations. This is especially important when it comes to using darknet endpoints for dark web intelligence and investigations.


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