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How Police Departments Can Use Cobwebs’ AI-Based Tool for Their Investigations

September 28, 2020

It seems that the topics of security and cyber threats on social media platforms have never been more important in human history.

The appearance of the COVID virus and the outbreak of the global pandemic have forced most businesses and people to do most of their work online if possible. Therefore, the security of all sensitive pieces of information as well as the elimination of any danger to people is the priority for all parties included, especially authorities. Cobwebs’ monitoring tool can assist law enforcement agencies in these unprecedented and trying times.

The developed and rapidly changing digital world in which we live in today brings dangerous and hidden threats for all of us who are surfing through the world wide web every day.

Today we will focus on one aspect of these threats that lurk deep inside the internet – cyber threats on social media channels.


The disparity in the scope and seriousness of the threats lurking on social media channels represent a complex and insurmountable obstacle for law enforcement agencies in their almost futile pursuit to stop potential threats. The amount of data mentioned on social media platforms is astonishing and, quite frankly, discouraging for those attempting to monitor it. The problems that detectives face become even more complicated when we look at different parts of the world wide web such as the surface, dark, and deep web. They represent different components of the web, and they can’t be accessed the same way.


However, all is not lost.

Modern applications of AI technology are giving detectives new tools to fight and solve cyber crimes or to even stop them at their root. Revolutionary advanced tools provided by Cobwebs Technologies allow law enforcement authorities to anatomize and even to catch any potential threat of terrorist attacks or intended malicious activity against the public.

In a country where a mass shooting has already become regular occurrences, time is of paramount importance and Cobwebs’ web intelligence tool optimizes the process of detective research.

AI-based deep web intelligence tools and solutions are shortening investigation processes which otherwise would take months or even years to navigate and solve.

Deep Web Intelligence Solutions not only allows authorities to swiftly detect threat actors across social media platforms but in addition to that, the Cobweb’s WEBINT platform has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.


Of course, it goes without saying that the best cure to stop cyber threats on social media in their tracks is by educating people about prevention. Most of us use social media platforms, casually thinking that no harm could arise from their use. In actuality, these platforms are flooded by all kinds of malware. They are usually well-hidden inside ads or shortened URL links where they wait for a well-meaning person to click on them. Once these links are clicked on individuals who leave too much information about their personal lives online can be left vulnerable to identity theft. Additionally, it is a well-known fact that most home invasion cases that police deal with happen while families spend their time on vacation.

As today’s malicious activity becomes more technology-oriented and advanced, Machine Learning and AI-based tools are an absolute necessity when it comes to preventing cyber threats and attacks. Together, they pinpoint crucial information and separate it from the endless amounts of irrelevant information on social media platforms and on the world wide web.



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