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Monitoring Data Breaches With AI

July 20, 2020

No one is immune to cyberattacks, individuals, organizations and large companies are targeted on a daily basis by threat actors. The ability to prevent and actively deny cybercriminals from data breaches, both criminal and terror organizations, is crucial in order to safeguard critical data.

Thousands of websites are maliciously hacked every day, giving unauthorized third-party access to devices, servers, networks, and applications. Once threat actors have gained network access, they can then extract data to sensitive data including full names, email addresses, user IDs, passwords, and more.

All of that data can then be sold on the dark web, which is home to a range of criminal content-from ISIS videos to human traffickers, drug and weapons traffickers as well as assassins for hire.

But with mountains of data available on the dark web, extracting the crucial intelligence can be tedious.  And with cybercriminals or terrorists like ISIS  trying to hide their past criminal history, finding the threat actor’s digital footprints which would connect the dots as well as prevent new breaches are time-consuming.

So how can intelligence agencies prevent data breaches?

Solutions provided by Cobwebs, which use artificial intelligence, can recognize threat patterns and discover hidden networks and associations belonging to threat actors. Even on the dark web and various social media platforms, the solutions can automatically harness and leverage data.

Sorting through heaps of social media profiles can be time-consuming, but with artificial intelligence tools that can automatically analyze text and process the data, authorities can understand who are the key actors as well as identify and expose previously unknown relations.

No matter the language, data can be automatically analyzed, and by using the advanced artificial intelligence engines and monitoring tools, authorities can discover and stay aware of vulnerabilities in domains and network infrastructures as well as always stay ahead, aware & secure of new potential breaches with real-time alerts.

The capabilities of automation and AI tools can allow for real-time alerts of new potential breaches as well as allow for dark web monitoring of malicious activities by threat actors or their social connections.

Cobwebs detection tools can also identify mentions of critical data, products, or assets that are being sold on the dark web as well as identify tools that threat actors may be using to get the data from an organization.

With breaches that occur as a result of insider threats taking far longer to detect than others, the tools offered by Cobwebs can also help identify insiders in order to understand if they may be acting against the organization by leaking or selling the compromised data to criminal organizations.

With cybercriminals and terror organizations like ISIS continuing to look for the highest payout possible, the lure of data breaches that would allow them to extract an organization’s critical data to sell them on the dark web, intelligence agencies have to focus on how to prevent such attacks.

Cobwebs’ automated and artificial intelligence tools, designed to actively monitor identify and addresses potential security concerns, not only allow data breach cases to be solved in minimum amounts of time with limited resources but they can also identify where the data is being sold at a fraction of the time than regular investigations.



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