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NCPTF Attendees Find Missing Girl

July 17, 2023

There are an estimated 27.6 million victims of human trafficking worldwide at any given time, according to the U.S. Department of State. During the most recent National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) conference, that number decreased by one.

NCPTF’s annual conference strives “to enhance law enforcement’s ability to identify, locate, and track child predators.” When a call came in from an investigator during the event needing help in locating a 15-year-old girl being trafficked, that goal came into play in real-time. The law enforcement attendees at the event rallied to leverage the capabilities they had onsite – including open-source intelligence (OSINT) – with their investigative expertise to find the missing girl and get her to safety…in just two hours.

“All we had was the first name,” said Kevin Branzetti, president of the National Child Protection Task Force in a recent article. “We had her first name, age. That’s not a lot of data points to start with, but when you have a team like this, incredible things can happen.”

The power of OSINT for good

Incredible things can happen when using leading-edge technologies, such as OSINT, for good. That’s why Cobwebs was an active participant at the NCPTF event and in collaborating to help solve the missing girl case. It’s also why we announced our partnership with NCPTF in June to protect children against human trafficking.

As a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered OSINT, Cobwebs works to protect global communities and organizations from crime, threats and cyber-attacks. By providing access to our web intelligence platform, Cobwebs is offering NCPTF invaluable resources, intelligence and guidance in their pursuit to find missing and exploited children online.

Cobwebs’ web investigation platform is a powerful OSINT solution that searches online activity, collecting and analyzing data from endless digital channels – from the open, deep and dark web. It provides a complete picture of complex illicit ecosystems used for human trafficking purposes. Together, Cobwebs and NCPTF will be able to harness this AI to create a safer world for children.


John Michael O'hare

Lieutenant Johnmichael O’Hare retired from the Hartford Police (CT) in 2018. His career elevated through investigative units that specifically attacked narcotics and firearms violence. In 2013 Lt. O’Hare was tasked with creating a Real Time Intelligence Center that could support critical function, as well as provide analytical and forensic back support to the Investigative units. Johnmichael currently serves as a Business Development/Sales director with Cobwebs Technologies with a focus on Threat Network identification & Interdiction in the Web Intelligence Realm.


NCPTF Finds Missing Girl

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