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Preventing Terror: Mass Shooting Detection Tools

September 3, 2019

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Terror, violent crime and the connection between a trail of extreme attacks are now increasingly detectable with WEBINT (Web Intelligence) solutions tracking social media activity and communication exchanges. Mass shootings have become a disturbingly growing trend in the last decade. From Brenton Harrison Tarrant’s March 2019 mass shooting massacre at the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand, to the series of terror attacks the event inspired, and the trajectory of responses of opposing sides triggered, the media is flooded with these atrocities on a seemingly daily basis. Analysts and government agencies investigating similar incidents indicate the growing need for detection tools to prevent like occurrences, their escalation and chain reactions. Resolution of investigations and prevention of these tragedies are at significantly higher odds with mass shooting detection tools and the web intelligence they provide.

The FBI Request for Proposal: The Need for Real-Time OSINT & Web Intelligence Solutions
The FBI’S recent RFP (Request for Proposal) indicated the critical need for web intelligence and mass shooting detection tools. These solutions accurately identify social media content and communication of terror and criminal groups for agencies to take appropriate and timely action to leverage public safety and order. The RFP also states that social media platforms have become prime online channels for organized terror and crime groups to spread their rhetoric, convene and brainstorm – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks alike. “Consequently,” the RFP states, “the FBI needs near real-time access to a full range of social media exchanges in order to obtain the most current information available in furtherance of its law enforcement and intelligence missions.”

A Solution Transforming Today’s Investigations: Cobwebs Technologies’ Web Intelligence Platform
Mass shooting detection tools’ reach extend beyond saving the lives of dozens, hundreds or thousands of victims resulting from merely one catastrophe. They help governments and intelligence agencies, like the FBI, look at the big picture of a trail of events extending over days, months and years. Some of these solutions fall into the category of OSINT tools (Open Source Intelligence Tools) that mine data from the web’s publicly accessible surface layer, scanning vast sources of internet content – from social media, to forums, websites, blogs and all open source information online.

Cobwebs Technologies’ web intelligence platform starts with users performing a simple search of keywords, hashtags, or pictures, as the solution employs machine vision and facial recognition technology to detect clues pointing to an upcoming terror attack, or a series of incidents on the verge of occurring – premeditated or inspired at the moment. The mass shooting detection tool searches all layers of the internet, (surface, deep and dark), gathering detailed terror-related data in real-time, an invaluable asset to intelligence analysts saving them the endless hours of work, sifting through the web’s endless Big Data demands. The solution also detects the intricacies connecting a series of mass shootings or terror attacks, allowing agencies to gain the insight needed for timely response and prevention of events. And while prevention of terror, violence and overall is certainly the heroic and redeeming benefit of Cobwebs’ tool, the solution can also predict social upheaval and civil rebellions, helping retaining public order and safety on multiple levels.



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