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Using Social Media to benefit Global Security Operations Centers

November 15, 2020

When crises occur, Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) are the core component to mitigate risks and protect assets, both financial and personnel.

Criminals and terrorists with easy access to the vast data sources available on the various levels of the web can plan and execute attacks and GSOCs must use all available means to gather targeted intelligence to prevent attacks and secure assets should one take place.

Social networking sites are a critical database for enterprise security since information, including videos and pictures, are shared in real-time by individuals witnessing a crime or attack being committed.

In 2013, the Boston Marathon bombing first made the waves on social networking sites before it was covered by traditional news networks. Since then, hundreds of terror attacks have been covered by everyday citizens who post crucial datasets to social media sites.

Though following terror attacks in real-time on social media has become easier, the gathering of critical and accurate information from a vast range of sources is a time-consuming job and the danger of information inaccuracy or overload is a concern.

But terror attacks are not the only worry for GSOCs who must also be fully aware of other issues such as extreme weather or travel advisories in order to have a head start in decision-making ahead of operations and to allay costs should incidents occur.

GSOCs must cover the entire lifecycle of a security event, from the initial detection to incident response, containment, and then returning the business back to normal once the incident has ended.

In order to do so, there must be constant monitoring of thousands of data feeds from around the world and on all levels of the internet in order to support operations with real-time intelligence and provide key data to enable real-time situational awareness and response plans.

Publicly available intelligence, such as those available through database searches which aggregates information as well as social networking sites and have a quick turnaround rate, can be cost-effective for some organizations.

But as GSOCs collect a mountain of data from all those sites, it is crucial to make use of big data for the collection and management of that data.

Using the solutions that are integrated with both open source and dark web monitoring feeds, they can analyze that data in order to have the most detailed and strategic intelligence while receiving real-time alerts for any similar cases from the AI-powered platform.

Comprehensive solutions provided by Cobwebs integrate intelligence and advanced analytics with AI technology to monitor security and improve incident responses by harvesting intelligence using machine learning and natural language processing (NPL) which automatically monitor and prioritize alerts.

Together, these capabilities allow GSOCs to harness and leverage the vast volumes of data and security intelligence they find in real-time.

In order to stay ahead of the game and protect critical assets, It is integral for GSOCs to have the proper intelligence in real-time. Cobwebs’ solutions give GSOCs critical intelligence right to their fingertips, providing situational awareness as well as supporting and crisis teams through critical events, from beginning to end.



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