Using Visual Intelligence In Criminal Investigations

October 6, 2020

Finding intelligence and threat actors in a mountain of data can be time-consuming for investigators carrying out web investigations. But by using visual intelligence tools, the time needed to close an investigation can be greatly reduced.

Image analysis and facial recognition technology have been effective in reducing and solving crimes. Visual intelligence capabilities are increasingly being used in law enforcement agencies, national security, financial institutions, and corporates global security operation teams in their investigations.

One of the key methods for visual intelligence is as follows: an image is captured and uploaded to the internet or by using specific tools, where it is mapped and compared to a large database of other images with attention paid to prominent and any identifying features.

But with so many images and faces across all levels of the internet including various social networking sites, extracting crucial intelligence can be tedious and time-consuming for web investigations.

Advanced technology like artificial intelligence tools developed by Cobwebs with methodologies that meet requirements of law enforcement agencies across the globe allows cases to be solved in minimum amounts of time with limited resources.

The AI-Powered WEBINT engine can extract critical data with ease from across the surface, deep, the dark web, and social media. Using WEBINT solutions along with artificial intelligence tools, investigators can locate hidden data and new threats, as well as extract key intelligence such as hidden leads, locations, context, new connections, and more.

With minimal leads, Cobwebs WEBINT solutions coupled with automated AI-powered web intelligence and machine learning tools can unveil the real identities of virtual personalities by face detection screening, detecting faces and attributes in images across the different layers of the web as well as generate real-time alerts for faces that appear to be a match.

The engines can scour all levels of the web for data, allowing investigators to delve deeper into a threat actor who they might have suspicions about and can monitor malicious activities by the objectives or their social connections.

With facial recognition tools along with WEBINT for crime using our advanced tools, dots are automatically connected and an entire web investigation can be completed within minutes.


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