WEBINT for Investigations

June 7, 2021

Over the years, we have often been asked specific questions when agencies are looking for tools to streamline and speed up their investigations. We have collected some of these questions and are answering them below.

When it comes to cybercrime and security, do you detect cyber threats in real-time?
Our WEBINT solution is a platform that collects and analyzes data from open sources such as publicly accessible websites. The presented results allow investigators and analysts to get insight into cyber threats that can be used for e.g., cyber intelligence security, cyber assets protection, and cyber security for drug trafficking prevention. In general, using a WEBINT solution for crime investigations is powerful and helps investigators and policymakers to figure out how to prevent crime. As one of the best online investigation tools available in the market, it helps law enforcement with particular aspects of their investigations, such as open source footprinting to trace the steps of threat actors and prevent cyber crime.

Does your platform use AI to predict crime?
Our AI-powered platform provides insights based on aggregated and analyzed OSINT data. These insights can be used by law enforcement or policymakers to predict crime. To clarify, the platform provides AI web intelligence which in general is an integral part of the best OSINT tools in the context of artificial intelligence and crime. As a cyber crime AI solution, the platform is used for cyber crime investigations, cyber attribution, and to speed up the cyber crime investigation process.

As a cyber forensics tool containing cyber monitoring software, the platform is not only used for cyber forensics aka digital forensics but also to gather cyber intelligence for effective cyber investigations.

Is automated intelligence useful for investigations?
Our OSINT tool with automated web intelligence capabilities allows investigators to get insight into the presence, networks, connections, and intentions of e.g., threat actors. Sometimes also referred to as computer investigation software, the platform can also carry out specific in-depth searches for extracting specific information to establish the real identities of virtual personalities (e.g., hackers) and map group connections tied to a specific threat actor.

Can the platform help with criminal background investigations?
When we are talking about criminal background online investigation, the WEBINT tool can collect and analyze data about a certain threat actor from open sources on the surface, deep, and dark web. The presented results can be used by the investigator or analyst conducting the investigation to get insight into the criminal background of that threat actor.

What is dark web monitoring, and what is a dark web alert?
Dark web monitoring is the process of searching for and keeping track of relevant information found on a portion of the internet not accessible via normal means. Dark web monitoring can be done using a WEBINT platform in order to identify mentions of threat actors, groups, or organizations on dark web forums and marketplaces, and also issue dark web alerts accordingly to allow law enforcement and agencies to take timely action.

In general, dark web monitoring tools for law enforcement have become popular. That’s why web investigators are looking for dark web monitoring companies that provide e.g. dark web monitoring for business or dark web monitoring services to select the best of the best from available dark web monitoring top solutions. They are looking for web monitoring tools to streamline their web investigation, also in the context of web application monitoring. Web crime investigators prefer our AI-powered platform with its state-of-the-art WEBINT engine since it is not only highly effective, but also complies with applicable privacy laws and regulations since it applies superior OSINT techniques.

Since our AI-powered WEBINT platform is an automated OSINT tool, it knows how to scan the dark web without endangering law enforcement officers.


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