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Digital Risk Protection for Global Corporate Security

Global threats can pose critical security threats to multinational companies and those who send their employees to locations at risk of terror attacks or natural disasters. And when disaster strikes, maintaining clear lines of communication with the assets is critical.

Despite the world becoming more digital, conventional modes of communication such as phone lines can be either destroyed or overrun during a natural disaster or terror attack. In addition, the internet might be flooded with public speculation and rumors about what happened and what might be next.

But even with increased chatter, it is crucial to be constantly aware of online activity that concerns the company, especially on the deep and dark web where threat actors operate beyond the reach of law enforcement as well as social media on the surface internet where posts can serve as a warning.


The use of social media by victims of natural disasters help provide rescue workers with real-time information and can help authorities and relevant organizations understand the severity
of the situation and to allocate resources to affected areas.

In times of crisis, it is critical to combine real-time incident response along with monitoring the routes and locations of employees, especially if they are executive delegations, and be in contact with
on-the-ground close protection teams.

In one case, an employee from a client company was in a location that had just experienced a suicide bombing attack by a transnational terror organization. The employee, concerned that a second bombing might take place, alerted the company who immediately began to monitor the situation using Cobwebs’s DRP.

Harnessing advanced AI tools and machine learning technologies, the automated and dynamic solution provided the company with real-time alerts from countless sources-both the deep and dark web and surface web.

The solution streamlined all operations, taking all data feeds into one single AI-powered engine, making it easy for th

e company to visualize the raw indicators and turn them into actionable intelligence. The solution then rapidly analyzed any malicious chatter and conducted deep investigations in order to prevent and mitigate any additional threats.

The DRP also allowed for enhanced collaboration by providing shared access to source material and assessments to all team members, including on-the-ground close protection teams who had also alerted to the situation and were able to provide critical intelligence from the scene.


With Cobwebs’ advanced AI-driven search engines, which are capable of sifting through an infinite amount of critical data across all layers of the internet including open source and the dark web, the company was provided with actionable and precise intelligence giving the employee peace of mind that he was in good and safe hands.

The solution provided by Cobwebs is simple and efficient, capable of staying on top of emerging threats to organizations and keep employees safe, and ensuring that business disruption is minimal.

Using advanced monitoring tools to identify and mitigate threats, Cobwebs’ DRP solution was able to ensure the personal security of the company’s employee and its business continuity.


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