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The Impact of Intellectual Property Infringement and Leaks on the Entertainment Industry

The global entertainment industry is grappling with the widespread issue of stolen and leaked intellectual property (IP), which not only disrupts their business operations but also inflicts significant damage to their reputation. This pervasive issue has become a pressing concern, impacting various sectors within the industry, including music, film, television, publishing, gaming, live events, and more. Intellectual property infringements can cost millions of dollars, can impact the company’s reputation, and lessen their market share. In the United States, the project loss from IP infringement each year is between $250-600 billion US dollars.

This case study focuses on intellectual property infringement at both a gaming company and event promotion company. Both companies fell victim to intellectual property leaks and trademark infringements. To address these challenges and prevent revenue loss, the companies leveraged Cobwebs Technologies’ AI-Powered open-source intelligence (OSINT) platform to gather intelligence about the extent of the leaks and identify the suspects. Through this solution, they were able to unveil significant IP infringements, conduct in-depth analysis of online media data, and uncover individuals involved in the illicit activities, along with their connections.

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