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Case Study:

Protect Large-Scale Sporting Events Using Open-Source Intelligence

Cobwebs Technologies helped secure the final match of a main sports event to prevent clashes between fans using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Using OSINT, authorities and the event managers were able to anticipate and stop violent clashes between fans during and after the event.

In May 2018, the finals of a major sports event took place in a European country. The final was between two rival teams that experienced violence in the past during highly publicized games. Authorities, as well as event organizers, wanted to avoid any violent confrontations between fans and anticipate any threats made online. Local police were concerned that their rivalry would spill out into the city streets, impacting bystanders, businesses, and traffic flow.

Without the integration of open-source intelligence (OSINT) into the event planning and response, local organizers and authorities would not be able to find threats or gage sentiment online regarding the event. To learn more about how OSINT was integrated into event planning and response, download our case study to read how authorities used this intelligence to ensure the safety and security of the event.

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