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Digital Forensics on the Dark Web

July 29, 2021

NEW YORK – July 29, 2021 (Newswire.com). The dark web is the primary domain of criminals, terrorists, fraudsters and hackers, so the need for international law enforcement agencies to monitor this pool is of global importance.

They have to move through the dark web landscape without so much as raising their profiles, not leaving any digital footprints or invoking suspicion from those that they have an interest in following.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly turning to dark web monitoring tools: a veritable armory of super-tech innovations that enable them to ghost into the dark web.

While threat actors, criminal elements, and illegally organized structures exchange information, buy and sell stolen data, illicit goods, plan criminal activities, and get paid in cryptocurrency, digital forensics tools are being used to collect masses of data and then scanned for real-time information that can prove helpful in investigations.

Where the manual collection of data is often slow and time-consuming, by which time the threat actors may have moved on, dark web monitoring tools such as OSINT and WEBINT are being utilized across the planet by governments and law enforcement agencies.

These can be deployed efficiently and effectively to reap data and monitor everything from dark web marketplaces, forums, blogs, and online message boards.

OSINT, or Open Source Intelligence, can scan to identify and locate links between criminals to other actors within their circles. Experts can also use them to track information, such as potential planning of hacks and inside threats, and counteract or disrupt plans in real-time.

These digital forensics tools are available to assist investigators and experts in solving a crime and enabling better and effective decision-making throughout the process. Rather than be reactive, they can be proactive and remain on the front foot.

AI-enabled WEBINT solutions also enable investigators to probe the dark web by collecting, analyzing, and monitoring data within a timeframe. This web intelligence platform contains dark web monitoring tools and internet monitoring software designed to expedite web investigation processes.

Even working with the most minimal data thread, investigators can quickly and successfully reach into the dark web and monitor threat actors. These dark web monitoring tools allow investigators to reveal a threat actors’ name, location, IP address, or image.

Experts are also turning to other digital forensics tools such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), since many dark web forums and message boards are in various languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.

Tools can help investigators overcome language barriers when collecting and analyzing intelligence. Law enforcement and security agencies need the best dark web monitoring services available in the market in addition to digital forensics and other tools normally used to investigate and prevent crimes such as cyber threats.

The forensic tools are also designed to meticulously race through and scan endless digital channels of the web and analyze vast sums of data to help you protect precious assets.

All these digital forensics tools offer an upper hand in the investigators’ battle against illegal activities emanating from the dark web.

Source: In the Headline

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