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Press Release

Cobwebs Technologies Joins the National Child Protection Task Force in Efforts to Safeguard Children Against Human Trafficking Threats

NEW YORK, NY. June 20, 2023 – Cobwebs Technologies is partnering with the National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) to protect children against human trafficking. NCPTF  is a nonprofit founded to provide detectives, analysts and officers access to investigative expertise and resources that are unavailable or under-funded in most law enforcement organizations. The members of their Task Force volunteer their time on human trafficking, child exploitation and missing persons cases.

As a global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Cobwebs works to protect global communities and organizations from crime, threats and cyber-attacks. By providing access to its web intelligence platform, Cobwebs is offering NCPTF invaluable resources, intelligence and guidance in their pursuit to find missing and exploited children online.

“Sadly, children fall victim to human trafficking and exploitation every day. Traffickers prey on our young, often enlisting their peers to befriend or recruit them, and much of this recruitment is done online,” said Udi Levy, CEO and Co-founder of Cobwebs Technologies. “Cobwebs is proud to provide NCPTF valuable intelligence that will aid in identifying potential predators and hidden connections by using our investigative platform. Through this partnership, we join NCPTF in its aim to create a world where our youth wake up to experience childhood, feel safe and end each day looking forward to tomorrow.”

“Cobwebs pulls a variety of data sources together into a powerful intelligence platform. This platform is one of the most valuable tools in the fight against human trafficking and exploitation when identifying those who hide in the darkness and prey upon our most vulnerable. We appreciate Cobwebs’ support in being a voice for those who don’t have one, and we look forward to a very successful partnership,” said Kevin Metcalf, CEO, NCPTF.

Cobwebs’ web investigation platform is a powerful OSINT solution that searches online activity, collecting and analyzing data from endless digital channels – from the open, deep and dark web. It provides a complete picture of complex illicit ecosystems often used for human trafficking purposes. Together, Cobwebs and NCPTF will be able to harness this AI to create a safer world for children.

For more information on Cobwebs’ web intelligence platform, visit https://cobwebs.com/ and learn more about this exclusive, AI-powered technology that is modernizing the way organizations search, analyze and monitor online data.

About Cobwebs Technologies

Cobwebs Technologies is a worldwide leader in web intelligence. Our innovative solutions are tailored to the operational needs of national security agencies and the private sector, identifying threats with just one click. Cobwebs solutions were designed by intelligence and security experts as vital tools for the collection and analysis of data from all web layers: social media, open, deep and dark web. The Cobwebs web intelligence platform monitors these vast sources of data to reveal hidden leads and generate insights. The exclusive technology used by Cobwebs extracts targeted intelligence from big data using the latest machine learning algorithms, automatically generating intelligent insights. For more information: www.cobwebs.com.

The National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) is the nation’s premier nonprofit organization that assists law enforcement in time-sensitive and challenging human trafficking and child exploitation cases. Additional information about the NCPTF’s efforts can be found here: www.ncptf.org. 

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