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The Radicalized Use of Social Media Lesser Known Platforms



Intelligence analysts and investigators often begin and end their open-source searches with only the well-known and mainstream social media platforms. But what about other lesser known or foreign platforms? Recently, Discord became a household name due to the Pentagon leak of highly classified documents related to the Russia/Ukraine conflict. Would you know how to navigate Discord safely as part of an investigation?  Could you uncover who is really behind a profile on one of the lesser-known platforms? Could you quickly and safely search and navigate these platforms if needed during an investigation?

Watch our webinar on demand to learn more about some of these lesser-known platforms and how radicalized individuals and other threat actors are leveraging them to potentially threaten safety and security. Our open-source intelligence (OSINT) experts will provide guidance on navigating these apps and platforms and will discuss how some have been used to uncover evidence and intelligence related to threats and criminal acts.

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