Tools for Online Crime Investigation

January 20, 2022

Globally, public safety organizations are under severe pressure to carry out criminal inquiries with fast turnaround times, while keeping people and property safe. Fortunately, many crime investigation tools are available at their fingertips, which they can use to scan, identify and locate threat actors, and prevent potentially illegal activities or even terror threats.

Criminal investigations software for law enforcement is becoming a vital component of any demanding and complex effort to identify criminals and aid in their cyber forensics. Extracting crucial insights from web data can be the turnkey to solving investigations, but the extraction process can demand tedious efforts. It is critical to reveal and discover links between threat actors, analyze locations and generate complete reports on the criminal investigation.

Criminal investigation tools give law enforcement agencies the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to effectively manage uncertainty and new challenges with advanced digital forensics. This crime prediction software, intelligent collection, and assessment of data can also help identify connections of distinct crimes that occur in different locations, exploit AI to predict crime, and prevent the next crime from taking place. These tools can offer substantial intelligence, including context, entities analysis, and more. And all this real-time intelligence collection by experts is non-intrusive, enabling expedited results and efficacy.

Criminal investigations software for law enforcement has already been effective in cases involving drug trafficking, human trafficking, gang investigations, internet crimes, and cybercrime. Over the years, criminal investigators have gathered vast sums of valuable data for their criminal background online investigation, making it difficult to make good use of it. Agencies have large databases of criminals, including pictures of their faces, names, IDs, and more. This data can now be easily integrated and optimized in crime investigation solutions. Using sophisticated artificial intelligence tools for entities analysis, the system filtered out irrelevant data and left analysts with a clear view of the drug trafficking chain.

The result: the criminal was tracked down, and drug trafficking in the area was ultimately shut down.

Artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. Advanced AI tools that can analyze images, videos, and text help agencies inquire all forms of data. Not only are law enforcement’s investigation abilities continuing to go global, but they are also helping to maintain safety for the larger public good.

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