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Web Intelligence Case Studies Have Proven Beneficial For Detecting Online Malicious Activity

Oct 6, 2019

Cyber attacks are hitting businesses regularly as hackers are attempting to benefit from vulnerable business systems. Individuals or organizations are making attempts to breach a large number of global enterprises even as the victims are investing sizable resources to cope with this dilemma. They are challenged by the identification process of the hackers or infiltrators but are fearful that the cost of data breaches can be more damaging and severe. Web intelligence case studies provide evidence that enterprises are facing a plethora of risks from hackers that are trying to obtain information by using even social media.

Enterprises are presently using location-based monitoring which is helping them to oversee geo-enabled content from social media with its name and terminology to protect the offices of the company, its headquarters and any location from where its team is working as well as its brand.

Enterprises are using real-time alerts and rules to identify the threat analyst for quickly becoming aware of the confidential content that was publicly available on social media. The analysts would determine whether there was any additional information of the company at risk by using the search and filtering options provided by solutions from Cobwebs.

Identifying the source of the information and ensuring the removal of the same from social media sites became easy for enterprises to ensure they proceeded with actions that allowed them to mitigate the impact of the release of data as well as the compliance risks they were facing. It also made it possible for the enterprise to change and improve its social media posting policies to prevent any further concerns.

The solutions from Cobwebs is helping entities to identify cyber threats before they occur. It is simplifying the process of observing the attackers, their plans and methodologies even as it generates intelligent insights in real-time. The systems from this provider are regularly tracking and discovering communication points across doc nets that are regularly evolving with their malicious activity to trace them back to their origin.

Cobwebs are also helping with the communication methods currently being used by people in the form of cell phones and mobile apps. Unscrupulous individuals have not lagged and are discovering new methods to organize their activities. Apart from targeting individuals and organizations over social media, they are also involved in the trade of drugs over the Internet. They are also using the dark web for conducting activities such as human trafficking by hosting websites with their IP addresses camouflaged.

Even as technology has improved criminals such as terrorists have become more tech-savvy. Members of terror groups such as Isis have regularly used social media to take advantage of its reach for furthering their agendas apart from spreading their message of hatred to instill fear among the general population. Fortunately, providers like Cobwebs have developed solutions that can track these activities and security issues appropriately and even help to either curtail such malicious activity by using artificial intelligence that is proving helpful to investigators.

Trying to find valuable data from across the web can be time-consuming while not proving beneficial in many cases. It can be easy for the investigator to get lost in the large volume of data which is available because of the overload which often yields fewer insights. It becomes easier for investigators to integrate the data they have collected into the solutions from Cobwebs which have been designed to optimize the use of existing data with their tools for artificial intelligence. This is a better alternative than spending countless hours trying to find information with human intelligence especially when artificial intelligence is already proving it is capable of changing technology to make the handling of databases efficient and productive.

Source: Technoligeek

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